Boathouse definition

Boathouse. (NR 115.03(1h)) means a permanent structure used for the storage of watercraft and associated materials and includes all structures which are totally enclosed, have roofs or walls or any combination of these structural parts.
Boathouse means the boathouse constructed as part of the common facilities;
Boathouse means a structure used for the storage of watercraft and associated materials which has one or more walls or sides.

Examples of Boathouse in a sentence

  • Boathouse (Covered Boat Slip), subject to Article 4.4. Boat wharves, private, for unloading but not for boat storage5.

  • WIL 1.2.2 The County shall continue to support the protection, historical significance, and recreational use of the Wilbur Boathouse.

  • Castaways Boathouse, 31 Cocheco Street, Dover, NH.Restaurant, Full Service With Lounge License #1291303 licensed pursuant to RSA 178:21, II(a)(1)/RSA 178:22, V(q).Cited for violation of RSA 179:5, I - served or sold alcoholic beverage to an individual who was visibly intoxicated or who a reasonable and prudent person would know is intoxicated – 4 counts.Cited for violation of RSA 179:51 – failed to maintain an orderly premise.

  • The non-domestic premise is NOT one of property types listed below: Boathouse Site Slipway Stance Time Share Units Only properties in the retail, hospitality, and leisure sectors quality for this grant.

  • Boathouse roofs shall have a pitched roof that is no flatter than 4/12 pitch, and shall not be designed or used as decks, observation platforms or for other similar uses.

More Definitions of Boathouse

Boathouse means a structure or watercraft that is moored by spuds, cables, ropes, anchors, or chains that may be intended for habitation and has walls, a roof, and either an open well for boats or a floor from wall to wall and does not include watercraft that are designed and operated as motorboats;
Boathouse. - means an accessory building designed and used primarily for the storage of boats and which is designed in such a way as to permit the direct removal of boats from the water to the structure;
Boathouse means a structure for the storage of boats and does not include a dwelling unit;
Boathouse means a covered struc- ture on floats or piles used for the protected moorage of boats.
Boathouse means a structure designed and used to shelter a vessel while moored in the water.