Original Loan definition

Original Loan shall have the meaning set forth in the recitals hereto.
Original Loan means each “Loan” under, and as defined in, the Original Credit Agreement.
Original Loan. The mortgage loan refinanced in connection with the origination of a Refinance Loan. OTS The Office of Thrift Supervision. Outstanding With respect to the Certificates as of any date of determination, all Certificates theretofore executed and authenticated under this Agreement except (a) Certificates theretofore canceled by the Trustee or delivered to the Trustee for cancellation; and (b) Certificates in exchange for which or in lieu of which other Certificates have been executed and delivered by the Trustee pursuant to this Agreement. Outstanding Loan As of any Due Date, a Loan with a Stated Principal Balance greater than zero, which was not the subject of a Principal Prepayment in Full prior to such Due Date and which did not become a Liquidated Loan prior to such Due Date. Overcollateralization Amount As of any Distribution Date, (a) the Pool Principal Balance as of the last day of the immediately preceding Due Period minus (b) the aggregate Class Certificate Balance of all Classes of Offered Certificates (after taking into account all distributions of principal on that Distribution Date).

Examples of Original Loan in a sentence

  • Mortgage Lien Info Date 20090914 YYYYMMDD If Lien Position > 1 and there is a 2nd lien on the subject property “19010101” if unknown 25 Origination Date The date of the Mortgage Note and Mortgage/Deed of Trust Loan Term and Amortization Type Date 20090914 YYYYMMDD Always “19010101” if unknown 26 Original Loan Amount The dollar amount of the mortgage loan, as specified on the mortgage note at the time of the loan’s origination.

  • Original Loan Amount Original Loan Amount Original Value Amount The value of the property as determined at the origination of the account.

  • Appraisal Value, Original Loan Balance, and Authorized Amount are determined or assessed as of the most recent advance in accordance with the underwriting policies (whether upon origination or renewal of the Eligible Loan, or subsequently thereto).

  • For each loan, we computed the principal balance outstanding as of the respective loan’s Maturity Date based upon the respective loan’s Original Principal Balance, Monthly Debt Service, Original Loan Term (months), Interest Calculation and Gross Interest Rate.

  • A computation from the Final Data File in which the respective loan’s Seasoning as of Cut-off Date was deducted from the corresponding Original Loan Term (months).

More Definitions of Original Loan

Original Loan has the meaning provided in Clause 2.1;
Original Loan means each “Loan” outstanding under the Original Credit Agreement immediately prior to the effectiveness of this Agreement on the Restatement Effective Date; provided that upon the effectiveness of this Agreement on the Restatement Effective Date, each Converted Loan shall cease to be an Original Loan.
Original Loan means the loan amount referred to in the Whereas clause (A) of this Agreement.
Original Loan means the loan from the Authority to the Company in the aggregate principal amount not to exceed $10,000,000 to pay for a portion of the Costs of the 1985 Project;
Original Loan means the loan in the amount of forty one million one hundred ninety thousand Dollars ($41,190,000) (Loan No. 7505) made available to the Borrower pursuant to the Original Loan Agreement.