Extended Loan definition

Extended Loan shall have the meaning assigned to such term in Section 2.26(a).
Extended Loan is defined in Section 2.22(a)(ii).

Examples of Extended Loan in a sentence

  • Dated as of October 30, 2012 at 7:30 A.M. The form of Policy of title insurance contemplated by this report is: ALTA Extended Loan Policy - 2006 A specific request should be made if another form or additional coverage is desired.

  • The maturity date of the remaining principal of HK$9,450,000 (i.e. the Extended Loan) has been extended to 16 July 2019.

  • The Purchaser is entitled by written notice to the Seller to be received by the Seller before the Loan Grant Date or the Extended Loan Grant Date or the Further Extended Loan Grant Date, whichever is applicable, to waive compliance with the Suspensive Condition, whereupon the Suspensive Condition shall be deemed to have been fulfilled.

  • As between the Co-lenders, it has been agreed that HK$8,977,500 out of Extended Loan was contributed by the Group and the remainder of the Extended Loan was contributed by the Operator.

  • Nothing herein shall be deemed to entitle any Extended Loan Party to a consent to, or a waiver, amendment, modification or other change of, any of the terms, conditions, obligations, covenants or agreements contained in the Credit Agreement or any other Loan Document in similar or different circumstances.

More Definitions of Extended Loan

Extended Loan as defined in subsection 2.6(a).
Extended Loan means a Loan or part of a Loan in respect of which the Company and the relevant Lender(s) have agreed to amend certain terms pursuant to an Extension Agreement.
Extended Loan means Syndicated Loans made by an Extending Lender.
Extended Loan means the Extended Term Loans and the Extended Revolving Loans.
Extended Loan means the Extended Revolving Loans and the Extended Term Loans.
Extended Loan has the meaning given in Section 3.6(d).