Estimate definition

Estimate means to be based on technical evaluation of the sources contributing to the discharge including, but not limited to, pump capabilities, water meters, and batch discharge volumes.
Estimate means a written statement that itemizes as closely as possible the price for labor, by showing the labor price per hour, the number of hours required to perform the work, and the price of parts necessary for a specific repair.
Estimate. ’ means a statement of the projected total price for any service to be provided by a supplier, including any goods or components to be supplied in 45

Examples of Estimate in a sentence

  • The Budget Estimate for fiscal year 2001 reflects the number of positions funded.

  • If a decimal error is apparent in the product of the unit price and the quantity, the Department will use either the unit price or item total based on the closest by percentage to the unit price or item total in the Department's Final Estimate.

  • The Developer agrees to provide the City with a Detailed Cost Estimate for all work proposed to be completed within the City’s right-of-way.

  • The Developer will be responsible to submit an Irrevocable Letter of Credit totalling 15% of the Detailed Cost Estimate.

  • Estimate the total amount by which this proposed rule would increase / decrease either revenues / expenditures for the agency during the current biennium (in dollars): Explain the net impact of the proposed changes to the budget of your agency/department.This will have no impact on revenues or expenditures.

More Definitions of Estimate

Estimate means any email or other document electronic or otherwise created by the Photographer and setting out the Fee and expenses for any Assignment along with information as to Usage Licences. “Fee” means the Photographer’s fees as set out in the Estimate.
Estimate means a projection of benefits prepared by staff of a service or
Estimate means the estimate referred to in sub-clause 2.1(b) (as amended in accordance with clause 2.4);
Estimate a statement of our opinion of the range within which the hammer is likely to fall.
Estimate means the initial offer of service or product offered by Justin Bucknell Electrical, identified by its unique number, and any subsequent adjustments agreed in writing by both parties.
Estimate means the form referring to these Siteworks Terms produced by National Grid and addressed to the Customer containing inter alia details of the Works, the estimated costs of performing the Works, the dates on which any payments are to be made and the amount of such payments, together with any other documents expressly incorporated therein;
Estimate means to be based on technical evaluation of the sources contributing to the discharge