Estimated Value definition

Estimated Value means the value of the Contract estimated under these Contract and Procurement Regulations.
Estimated Value means an estimate of the contractual value of a commodity based on current market information;
Estimated Value means the estimated value of a contract calculated in accordance with Directives 2014/23/EU, 2014/24/EU and 2014/25/EU;

Examples of Estimated Value in a sentence

  • If zi−1 has been enumerated into X by stage t, then the same reasoning from (A) will work here.

  • Purchase price/Sold Price: OR Estimated Value: State P/codeProperty address:Please provide details of person to be contacted to arrange access to property for valuation purposes.

  • Depending upon the capacity of contractor to take up the works and estimated value of the work, the eligible class of the contractor and minimum estimated value of the work shall be as follows: Eligible class Minimum Estimated Value ofworkA Above 100 lakhsB Above Rs.50 lakhs and up to Rs.100 lakhsC Above Rs.10 lakhs and upto Rs.50 lakhsD Above Rs.2 lakhs and up to Rs.10 lakhsE Upto Rs.2 lakhs.

  • REFRIGERATION, HEATING & VENTILATING SYSTEMS AND EQUIPMENT Name of Subcontracting Company Address City, State, Zip Telephone Fax E-Mail FEIN No: Authorized Agent Title Will the cost of sub-contract exceed $20,000.00?_ Yes Estimated Value of Contract $ _ No Estimated Value of Contract $ If checked yes, the sub-contractor must be pre-qualified to perform the work.

  • If there is any disparity between the quoted rate in percentage and the Tender Amount, the rate quoted in percentage shall prevail as the rate quoted by the tenderer and the Tender Amount shall be derived by adding/subtracting (as the case may be) this percentage with/from the Estimated Value put to tender.

More Definitions of Estimated Value

Estimated Value means the value of the contract estimated under Standing Order 4.
Estimated Value means a value calculated under clause 156, and (except in clause 157), does not include an estimated value which has been designated under clause 157 to be a substituted value.
Estimated Value means the value as estimated under Rule 10.
Estimated Value means an estimate obtained from an M.A.I. appraiser, who has at least five (5) years experience evaluating property located in the County where the Property is located, similar in nature and function to that of the Property, selected by Seller and approved by Buyer, and the phrase “estimated cost of repair” shall mean an estimate obtained from an independent contractor selected by Seller and approved by Buyer. Buyer shall not unreasonably withhold, condition or delay Buyer’s approval under this Section.
Estimated Value means the value as estimated
Estimated Value means, as of any date of determination, with respect to any Work of Art, the most recent estimate of value of such Work of Art, as determined from time to time by the applicable Borrower in accordance with Section 5.12.
Estimated Value means the value as estimated under Section 2.1.