Total Costs Sample Clauses

Total Costs. The total cost for performance of this Participation Agreement is set forth in the table below. Funding amounts for each project are listed. Funds may not be transferred from one project to another without specific written approval from the District’s project manager, who is listed under paragraph 11Contacts.” Table 2: Funding Cycle: July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020 Exhibit No. Project Proposal Funding Amount 2017/20-19-N P26 R1-XX Business and Entrepreneurship Professional Development $ 125,000 Total Cost $125,000
Total Costs. (g) Month - A chart accounting month commencing at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the chart accounting month and ending at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of the following chart accounting month.
Total Costs. Sum of direct costs, indirect costs, and stipends.• Please provide total costs for each year of the project as well as grand total cost for the entire project. Part 6: Other Attachment Form ‌Attach one or more documents to the Other Attachments Form in accordance with the instructions found on You may provide all the required information in a single document, or in multiple documents. Ensure that you only attach the Department approved file types detailed in the common instructions. Also, do not upload any password-protected files to your application. Please note that cannot process an application that includes two or more files that have the same name within a grant submission. When attaching files, applicants should limit the size of their file names. Lengthy file names could result in difficulties with opening and processing your application. We recommend your file names be less than 50 characters. ❑ Appendix A: Required Preliminary Memorandum of Understanding and Letters of Support, if applicable.Provide the required preliminary MOU, which is described in the NIA. Any supplemental letters of support may also be included in this attachment.❑ Appendix B: Individual Resumes or Position Descriptions for Key Personnel: Provide brief resumes or job descriptions that describe personnel qualifications for the responsibilities they will carry out under the project. ❑ Appendix C: Absolute Priority 1 and 2 Assurances.Under Absolute Priorities 1 and 2, all applicants are required to include an assurance that the eligible entity and its partners will focus services on schools eligible for a schoolwide program under section 1114(b). Applicants applying under Absolute Priority 2, Title IA Schoolwide Eligible and Rural DistrictsSmall and Rural or Rural and Low-Income are encouraged to include confirmation that an LEA is eligible for the Small Rural School Achievement (SRSA)program or the Rural and Low-Income School (RLIS) program. Applicants may determine whether a particular LEA is eligible for these programs by referring to information on the following Department website: insular-native-achievement-programs/rural-education-achievement-program/.❑ Appendix D: Copy of Indirect Cost Rate Agreement. ❑ Appendix E: Nonprofit 501(c)(3) status verification, if applicable.Consistent with 34 CFR 75.51(b), an entity may show that it is a nonprofit organization (as defined under 34 CFR 77.1(c...
Total Costs. The total cost for performance of this Agreement is $80,000.
Total Costs. The total amount of Fees and Reimbursable Expenses paid to Contractor by USB pursuant to this Agreement shall not exceed $$$$$ ($_).
Total Costs. The total cost for performance of this Participation Agreement is set forth in the Table 2 below. Table 2 shows initial amounts allocated to Contractor for each project. Funding is classified as unrestricted or restricted. Restricted funds (if applicable) shall include 1) Shared Projects where Contractor serves as lead college on behalf of all participating colleges in the project; and 2) Regional Project Management should Contractor be designated as host college for one or more regional project manager(s). Additional funds may be awarded to the Contractor if they become available. The allocation may be reduced if Contractor is not making sufficient progress to encumber and spend funds in a timely manner. These funds may not be transferred from one project to another without specific written approval from the District’s project director, listed under paragraph 11Contacts.” Table 2: Project No. Project Title Restricted Funding Amount P48 R5 (RT) IEDRC P48 R5 (RT) SBCCD-Crafton Hills College CNA Training $91,467 TOTAL COSTS $91,467 5. BUDGET Contractor agrees to expend the funds under the Agreement, in accordance with the Total Costs shown in Table 2. Any unused funds upon completion or termination of project will be returned to the District. Restricted use funds must be expended solely for the project identified. For reporting purposes, Contractor must be able to track and report separately on expenditures related to Unrestricted, Shared Projects and Regional Project Management.
Total Costs. In consideration of Leiden’s performance of the Research in accordance with Appendix A, during the Term Sponsor agrees to support the Research by paying the amounts as specified in the Budget, which is set forth in Appendix B, provided that, if the Research is completed in accordance with this Research Program, the total of such costs paid by Sponsor under this Agreement will be Two Million Five Hundred Forty Seven Thousand and Four Hundred Fifteen Euro (EUR2,547,415) (“Total Cost”).
Total Costs. Monthly cost increased in April 2019 by 11% compared to the previous year. Notable cost increases occurred in the Neighborhood House SW Rideabout program (38.8%), Clackamas Consortium STF service (26.3%) and the MFS N/NE Rideabout (78.4%).