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Employed shall have their correlative meanings. The Committee in its sole discretion may determine (i) whether and when a Grantee’s leave of absence results in a termination of Employment (for this purpose, unless the Committee determines otherwise, a Grantee shall be treated as terminating Employment with the Firm upon the occurrence of an Extended Absence), (ii) whether and when a change in a Grantee’s association with the Firm results in a termination of Employment and (iii) the impact, if any, of any such leave of absence or change in association on Awards theretofore made. Unless expressly provided otherwise, any references in the Plan or any Award Agreement to a Grantee’s Employment being terminated shall include both voluntary and involuntary terminations.
Employed or "employee" means a person who is providing
Employed means, with respect to a Participant, that:

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  • Recommended Scope of Practice for Federal Employed Physical Therapists.

  • Employed RetiredNot employed Attending school IF UNEMPLOYED OR RETIRED, GO TO WHEELCHAIR SECTION ON THE NEXT PAGE.5.01 For most of your work / school day, do you:Move around StandSit5.02 Do you climb any stairs during the work / school day?Yes NoIF NO, GO TO QUESTION 5.04.

  • Table 16 Occupation of Employed Workers 1990–2000 Town of MonicoOneida County1990*200019902000Management, professional & related15373,7915,117Service15402,2942,747Sales & office25343,4434,465Farming Fishing & Forestry203410268Construction, extraction & maintenance4314951,998Production, transportation & materialmoving 42 24 3,352 2,604 Source: U.S. Census Bureau *Adjusted for differences between 1990 and 2000 Census Categories.

  • Executive Director, The Virginia Autism Resource Center, Richmond, Virginia.1990 -- Present, Consultant, Self Employed, Chesterfield, Virginia.1996 -- 2007 Adjunct Faculty, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.1995 -- 1999, Community Support Director, Virginia Institute for Developmental Disabilities, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia.1994 -- 1995, Teacher, Chesterfield County Public Schools, Chesterfield, Virginia.

  • Employed throughout the Financial Year Sr.No.Name & DesignationGross RemunerationQualifi-cationAge (Yrs)Total Exper-ience (Years)Date of Re- appointmentPrevious Employment& Designation, if any1.Ashok M.

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Employed includes activities as an owner, proprietor, employee, agent, solicitor, partner, member, manager, principal, shareholder (owning more than 1% of the outstanding stock), consultant, officer, director or independent contractor.
Employed means engaged under a contract of service or apprenticeship or in an employment in respect of which contributions are payable under regulations made under section 77;
Employed means to be in an employer/employee relationship where the employee is providing
Employed or "carries on a vocation" means employment that is full-time or part-time for a period of time exceeding fourteen days, or for an aggregate period of time exceeding thirty days during any calendar year. A person is employed or carries on a vocation whether the person's employment is financially compensated, volunteered, or for the purpose of government or educational benefit.
Employed means employed under a contract of service or of apprenticeship or a contract personally to execute any work or labour, and related expressions shall be construed accordingly;
Employed refers to providing services to the Company and its Affiliates in the capacity of an Employee, Nonemployee Director or Third-Party Service Provider.
Employed shall have correlative meanings.