Eligible child definition

Eligible child means the children of:
Eligible child means an unmarried child of a deceased member or
Eligible child means a UK resident under the age of 18, who: (i) was born on or after 3 January 2011; or (ii) was born before that date but is not eligible for a Child Trust Fund and who otherwise satisfies the conditions for eligibility in the Regulations;

Examples of Eligible child in a sentence

  • In the case of the vacancy being filled by another Eligible Child the aforementioned CWELCC funding will be paid by the CMSM to the Licensee up to the start of the placement of the replacing Eligible Child, should the type of Child Care being provided to the replacing Eligible Child have not otherwise been available.

More Definitions of Eligible child

Eligible child means an individual who meets the criteria for participation in the HAWK-I program as set forth in rule 441—86.2(514I).
Eligible child means a child for whom the court has given guardianship to the department or has transferred legal custody to the department or for whom the department has agreed to provide foster care services on the basis of a signed placement agreement or who has been placed in emergency care for a period of not more than 30 days upon the approval of the director or the director’s designee.
Eligible child means an unmarried child of a deceased active or
Eligible child means a child who meets the eligibility criteria set forth in section 3 for receiving guardianship assistance.
Eligible child means an unmarried child of a deceased active or retired member who meets one of the following qualifications:
Eligible child means a child:
Eligible child means a child who: