primary education definition

primary education means education offered in years numbered 1 to 7, both inclusive.
primary education means full-time education suited to the requirements of students of primary school age;
primary education means education imparted in a primary schools recognised by the Government;

Examples of primary education in a sentence

  • Beside this, the BMC is also providing dedicated services in various segments such as Health, Primary Education as well as the construction and maintenance of Public Markets and Slaughter Houses.BMC is an organization having different departments, right from engineering depts.

  • Four teacher trainees have successfully completed the OU Certificate of Higher Education in Primary Education and will begin their year of practical training and placement in September.

  • Primary education is provided in primary schools, which are subject to the Primary Education Act that came into force in 19852.

  • The Government of Tanzania instituted schemes, to assist in the fight against child labour, for example in 1977 the Universal Primary Education (UPE) was introduced requiring every child aged 7 years and above to attend school thus reducing the number of children roaming around without going to school.

  • There words were substituted for the words "Provided that", by the Gujarat Panchayats (Adaptation of the Bombay Primary Education Act) Order, 1963.

More Definitions of primary education

primary education means education imparted to a child who has completed pre-primary education;
primary education means education in and upto such classes and standards as are prescribed under this Act;
primary education means the basic education provided at primary school level;
primary education means the basic education provided from pre-primary level to the last grade of primary education;
primary education means education imparted in a primary school as defined in any Bengal Act or West Bengal Act or education equivalent thereto
primary education means education from grades one to seven;
primary education means education imparted in a Primary or Junior Basic School or its equivalent;