Echo Personnel definition

Echo Personnel means the personnel engaged by Echo including Echo's officers, employees, agents or sub-contractors and officers, employees or agents of those sub-contractors, who are involved in the supply of the Products or the provision of any Product Installation or any other of Echo's obligations under this Agreement.

Examples of Echo Personnel in a sentence

Echo indemnifies the Marketing Partner against any loss or claim suffered or incurred by the Marketing Partner arising directly or indirectly as a result of, or in connection with, any breach by Echo or the Echo Personnel of the obligations set out in this clause 11.

At all times Echo is responsible for all activities undertaken and completed pursuant to the Agreement by Echo Personnel and subcontractors and will not be relieved of any claim or liability for any Loss in relation to any activity and each act and omission of its Echo Personnel and subcontractors will be treated as being an act or omission of Echo, irrespective of whether any Echo Personnel or subcontractor has been approved by the Marketing Partner.

Echo must comply, and must ensure that all of Echo's Personnel also comply, with all Privacy Laws in respect of any Customer's personal information handled by Echo or Echo Personnel under or in connection with this Agreement, and treat the information in accordance with the Marketing Partner's privacy policy.