Double definition

Double means to increase a wager by up to or equal the amount of the original wager but the increase must not be less than the table minimum.
Double or "reverse frontage lot" means an interior lot bounded by a street on front and back.
Double means twice the straight time rate. An Employee who Is to work work shall be paid compensation for each completed (15) minutes of overtime worked by him subject to a minimum payment one (1) hour at the overtime rate. Overtime be authorized in advance by the except in emergencies where advance authorization is not practical. Employees shall record starting and finishing times of overtime worked on a form determined by the Employer. Subject to operational requirements, the shall make every reasonable effort:

Examples of Double in a sentence

  • Double dashes (--) appear in the table when the number of students is ten or less, either because the number of students in this category is too small for statistical accuracy or to protect student privacy.

  • Click / Double Click to open the Microsoft Internet Explorer (This icon will be located on the Desktop of the computer).

  • Double time and one-half the basic rate of pay for casuals for all time worked.

  • Recognized Holidays – Double (2x) time shall be paid for all hours worked.

  • Double click to enter“Options”,turn the jog wheel to select “Status”.4.

More Definitions of Double

Double means an artist who takes the place of a performer but who does not speak dialogue used in the production and is not photographed in a manner which enables recognition. Provided that a 'stunt double' or 'stunt performer' who takes the place of an artist for safety reasons or to perform or to engage in hazardous action shall qualify as a performer in subclause (4.16) herein.
Double means two scheduled loads for the shift.
Double. = Two suits of the same Color; i.e. either Black (C/S) or Red (D/H) 1H/1S/2C/2D = All natural promising a single suit comprised of 5-cards longer at favorable vulnerability and 6-cards or longer at unfavorable vulnerability.
Double in reference to a sign face means a sign having two sign face planes with each sign face being of equal area and identical length and height, and the maximum interior angle between two faces of a double faced sign shall not exceed 90 degrees;
Double means twice the straight time rate. An Employee who is required to work overtime shall be paid as follows:
Double means a room officially designated as a room for two occupants.
Double sponsors will also receive recognition and identification on DBB website for the duration of this agreement.