FAT definition

FAT means total lipids, and includes phospholipids;
FAT means the quantity of adipose tissue determined by chemical analysis.
FAT means Fresno Yosemite International Airport, located in Fresno, California.

Examples of FAT in a sentence

  • This FAT and the provisions herein constitute an integral part of the Offer Document.

  • In the case of joint shareholdings, this FAT must be signed by all joint Shareholders.

  • If you have changed your name, lodge your Marriage Certificate or the Deed Poll with this FAT for noting.

  • If a corporation does not by the law of the country of its incorporation require a common seal to execute this FAT, this FAT may be executed in such other manner so as to be binding on the corporation under the laws of the country of its incorporation and acceptable to the Offeror.

  • Following such notification, representatives of each party will, at their own expense, attend the Sartorius’ premises on a mutually agreed date for the purpose of testing the Equipment in accordance with the applicable Specifications and FAT protocol to be issued by Sartorius and approved by Customer.

More Definitions of FAT

FAT means a factory acceptance test in accordance with the test procedures and acceptance criteria agreed in the Contract or, in case no such specific test procedures and acceptance criteria have been defined, weControl’s quality test procedures with regard to a factory acceptance test.
FAT means edible lipids from animal or plant origin, or a combination thereof;