Taxicab driver definition

Taxicab driver means an individual who uses a taxicab to provide transportation services to potential passengers.
Taxicab driver means a person who operates a taxicab.
Taxicab driver means any person who is required to be licensed pursuant to this by-law to drive vehicles licensed under the provisions of this by-law.

Examples of Taxicab driver in a sentence

  • Option “A” would similarly require T.N.C. drivers and Limousine Owners to display their affiliation in the form of a decal/vehicle markings to allow passengers to identify their V.F.H. • Security Devices - Taxicabs are required to be equipped with either two (2) emergency lights or a Global Positioning System to be activated by the Taxicab driver in the event the driver is in distress.

  • Make any charge for time lost through defects or inefficiency of the vehicle or the incompetence of the Taxicab driver.

  • No Taxicab driver shall solicit, neither by word nor gesture, a passenger for transportation nor accept a passenger on the Airport other than in an area specifically authorized by these rules and regulations.

  • The name of the Taxicab driver, the date and the Taxicab owner’s plate number issued under this By-law.

  • Require any Taxicab driver to accept any order necessitating the expenditure of money, by the Taxicab driver, on behalf of the customer.

More Definitions of Taxicab driver

Taxicab driver means the Operator of a taxi who is licensed or required to be licensed with a valid City of Vaughan Taxi Operator’s Licence under the provisions of this By-law;
Taxicab driver means a person engaged in driving or operating a taxicab for, or on behalf of, another person who is the owner thereof, and where a taxicab owner personally drives or operates a taxicab, shall include such owner.
Taxicab driver means the same as the same term in §51-03 of these Rules.
Taxicab driver means person who carries on the vocation of driving a taxicab.
Taxicab driver or “Driver” means any person licensed under this By-law to drive a taxicab;
Taxicab driver means an individual who drives a taxicab for consideration, whether as the taxicab operator or as an employee.
Taxicab driver means a person who is licensed as such or required to be licensed as such under this By-Law and includes a taxicab owner who drives a Taxicab or Accessible Taxicab;