Taxicab driver definition

Taxicab driver means a person who operates a taxicab.
Taxicab driver means a person who is licenced as such or required to be licenced as such under this By-Law and includes a taxicab owner who drives a taxicab or Accessible Taxicab;

Examples of Taxicab driver in a sentence

  • Taxicab driver certificates that have been expired for 1 year or more will be deemed cancelled.

  • Option “A” would similarly require T.N.C. drivers and Limousine Owners to display their affiliation in the form of a decal/vehicle markings to allow passengers to identify their V.F.H. • Security Devices - Taxicabs are required to be equipped with either two (2) emergency lights or a Global Positioning System to be activated by the Taxicab driver in the event the driver is in distress.

  • The safety evaluation of these components appears in their respective sections of this report.

  • Require any Taxicab driver to accept any order necessitating the expenditure of money, by the Taxicab driver, on behalf of the customer.

  • In the event the exact fare is unknown in advance, the Taxicab driver shall provide a reasonable estimate of the expected fare, and disclose the method of fare calculation.

More Definitions of Taxicab driver

Taxicab driver means the same as the same term in §51-03 of these Rules.
Taxicab driver means an individual who drives a taxicab for consideration, whether as the taxicab operator or as an employee.
Taxicab driver means a person engaged in driving or operating a taxicab for, or on behalf of, another person who is the owner thereof, and where a taxicab owner personally drives or operates a taxicab, shall include such owner.
Taxicab driver means a person licensed to operate a taxicab;
Taxicab driver or “Driver” means any person licensed under this By-law to drive a taxicab;
Taxicab driver means any person who is required to be licensed pursuant to this by-law to drive vehicles licensed under the provisions of this by-law.
Taxicab driver s licence” means a licence issued by the City to permit an individual to operate a taxicab;