Disposed definition

Disposed means the sale, transfer, license, lease or other disposition of any property by any Person (including any sale and leaseback transaction and any issuance of Equity Interests by a Subsidiary of such Person), including any sale, assignment, transfer or other disposal, with or without recourse, of any notes or accounts receivable or any rights and claims associated therewith.

Examples of Disposed in a sentence

Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of (D) (Instr.

Disposed Materials: Indicate how and where materials will be disposed of.

Number of Derivative Securities Acquired (A) or Disposed of(D) (Instr.

Number of Derivative Securities Acquired(A) or Disposed of(D) (Instr.

Disposed in compliance with the applicable requirements established in the 40 CFR, Part 257.

More Definitions of Disposed

Disposed. Dispose” or “Disposition” means any realization or sale, liquidation, transfer, lease, alienation, the exercise of any right of set-off, compensation or appropriation of any deposits or credits, the collection of any claim, the creation of any Lien or any other disposition of the whole or any part of the property and assets of any of the Guarantors, as the case may be, by private agreement, call for tenders, public auction, judicial sale or any other type of sale having eventually the same effects as a judicial sale, sale by judicial authority or otherwise;
Disposed means, with respect to any asset (including Members' Interests or any portion thereof), a sale, assignment, transfer, conveyance, gift, exchange or other disposition of such asset.
Disposed means, with respect to a Facility, that such Facility is sold or otherwise disposed of, directly or indirectly (including the loss by any Sysco Party of the right to control the management and operation of the Facility), after the date hereof by the applicable Sysco Party.
Disposed mean, with respect to any Person, any sale or other whole or partial conveyance of all or any portion of such Person’s Property, or any direct or indirect interest therein to a third party, including the granting of any purchase options, rights of first refusal, rights of first offer or similar rights in respect of any portion of such assets or the subjecting of any portion of such assets to restrictions on transfer.
Disposed means any sale, lease, abandonment, transfer, disposal, exchange or other transfer of ownership, leasehold interest or control of any asset.
Disposed has the meaning specified in RCRA; provided that in the event either --------- -------- CERCLA or RCRA is amended so as to broaden the meaning of any term defined thereby, such broader meaning shall apply as of the effective date of such amendment; and provided, further, that to the extent that the laws of a state -------- ------- wherein any affected property lies establish a meaning for "Release" or ------- "Disposal" which is broader than is specified in either CERCLA or RCRA, such --------- broader meaning shall apply.