Manufactured definition

Manufactured and “Manufactures” means to manufacture, produce, or assemble.
Manufactured means to make or process raw materials into an end product.
Manufactured or “Manufacturing” means any activity involved in or relating to the manufacturing, quality control testing (including in-process, release and stability testing), releasing or packaging, for pre-clinical and clinical purposes, of API or a Product in finished form.

Examples of Manufactured in a sentence

  • For goods Manufactured within India, the Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, license fees, etc., incurred till its final manufacture / production.

  • Manufactured treatment devices may be used to meet the requirements of this subchapter, provided the pollutant removal rates are verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology and certified by the Department.

  • Manufactured treatment devices that do not meet the definition of green infrastructure at Section 2 of this Ordinance may be used only under the circumstances described at Section 4 (o) (4) of this Ordinance.

  • Manufactured home sales Where revenue is obtained from the sale of manufactured homes, it is recognized when control has been transferred to the buyer.

  • Report property items not decaled within three (3) days after receipt to the PCO for appropriate action.• Property Fabricated or Manufactured at NIH or Furnished by a Construction Contractor – This typically results from a renovation project in your area.

More Definitions of Manufactured

Manufactured means that a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition has been created from basic materials for functional usefulness, including but not limited to forging, casting, machining, or other processes for working materials.
Manufactured or “Manufacturing” means activities directed to making, having made, producing, manufacturing, processing, filling, finishing, packaging, labeling, quality control testing and quality assurance release, shipping or storage of a product.
Manufactured means that a firearm, a firearm accessory, or