Manufactured definition

Manufactured and “Manufactures” means to manufacture, produce, or assemble.
Manufactured means to make or process raw materials into an end product.

Examples of Manufactured in a sentence

  • Evaluation of RAS and RAS Blended with Manufactured Sand Test Results.

  • Manufactured treatment devices may be used to meet the requirements of this subchapter, provided the pollutant removal rates are verified by the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology and certified by the Department.

  • Section B – Only One Product Line or No Products Are Manufactured or Produced In U.S.If only one product line or no products are manufactured or produced in the U.S. complete only section B.

  • However to avail margin of preference, prices shall be quoted as specified in the Price Schedule for Goods Manufactured in Bhutan in section IV Bidding Forms..

  • For goods Manufactured within India, the Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, license fees, etc., incurred till its final manufacture/production.

More Definitions of Manufactured

Manufactured or “Manufacturing” means any activity involved in or relating to the manufacturing, quality control testing (including in-process, release and stability testing), releasing or packaging, for pre-clinical and clinical purposes, of API or a Product in finished form.
Manufactured or “Manufacturing” means all activities associated with the production, manufacture, processing, filling, finishing, packaging, labeling, shipping and storage of Collaboration Products to be Developed or Commercialized under this Agreement, including API Manufacturing, whether such activities are conducted by a Party, its Affiliates or a Third Party contractor of such Party. When used as a verb, “Manufacture” means to engage in Manufacturing.
Manufactured or “Manufacturing” means all activities involved in the production of Products to be supplied to Paratek or its Affiliates hereunder, including the preparation, formulation, finishing, testing, storage and packaging for shipment of Products and the handling, storage and disposal of any residues or wastes generated thereby.