Manufactured definition

Manufactured and “Manufactures” means to manufacture, produce, or assemble.
Manufactured means to make or process raw materials into an end product.
Manufactured means that a firearm, a firearm accessory or ammunition has been created from basic materials for functional usefulness, including, but not limited to forging, casting, machining, molding or other processes for working materials;

Examples of Manufactured in a sentence

Evaluation of RAS and RAS Blended with Manufactured Sand Test Results.

Manufactured homes shall be anchored to prevent flotation, collapse, or lateral movement.

Manufactured products include assembled products.23 Supplies in turnkey contract proposals may be requested on “ delivered duty paid” basis or DDP (name of agreed destination point ) and bidders shall, during the preparation of their proposals, be free to choose an optimalcombination between imported supplies or supplies manufactured in the Borrower’s country.

For goods Manufactured within India, the Supplier shall be entirely responsible for all taxes, duties, license fees, etc., incurred till its final manufacture/production.

Termination or expiration of this Contract shall not extinguish or prejudice the PCSD’s right to enforce this Contract with respect to any default of this Contract or defect in the Procurement Item(s) that has not been cured, or of any of the following clauses, including: Governing Law and Venue, Laws and Regulations, Records Administration, Remedies, Dispute Resolution, Indemnity, Newly Manufactured, Indemnification Relating to Intellectual Property, Warranty of Procurement Item(s), Insurance.

More Definitions of Manufactured

Manufactured and “Manufactures” means to manufacture, produce or
Manufactured means constructed or assembled;
Manufactured means a structure, transportable in one (1) or more sections, and which is built on a permanent chassis with or without permanent foundation.
Manufactured and “Manufacturing” means all steps, processes and activities necessary to produce Product(s), including without limitation, the design, manufacturing, processing, quality control testing, any inspection, release and storage of Product(s) in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Quality Agreement.
Manufactured means goods made by manual labor;
Manufactured means produced by a manufacturer of vehicles as defined in s. 340.01 (28), Stats.
Manufactured means creating a firearm, a firearm action or receiver, a firearm accessory, or ammunition from basic materials for functional usefulness, including: