Demand side management definition

Demand side management means the management of customer
Demand side management means any conservation, load management, or other utility activity intended to influence the level or pattern of customer usage or demand, including home energy assistance programs;

Examples of Demand side management in a sentence

  • Demand side management (DSM) is defined by the Forum of Regulators (FOR) as ‘the planning, implementation and monitoring of utility’s activities designed to encourage customers to amend their electrical consumption patterns, both with respect to timing and level of electricity demand so as to help the customers to use electricity more efficiently’.

  • Demand side management (DSM) has in recent times been gaining traction as a viable means of intercepting load peaks.

More Definitions of Demand side management

Demand side management means cost effective energy efficiency programs that are designed to reduce customers' electricity consumption, especially during peak periods.
Demand side management means an activity or program that promotes electric energy efficiency or conservation, the use of heat pumps, or more efficient management of electric energy loads.
Demand side management means the same as that term is defined in Section
Demand side management means the actions of a Distribution Licensee, beyond the customer’s meter, with the objective of altering the end-use of electricity–whether it is to increase demand, decrease it, shift it between high and low peak periods, or manage it when there are intermittent load demands in the overall interests of reducing Distribution Licensee costs;
Demand side management. (DSM) means the implementation of programs or measures which serve to shift or reduce the consumption of, or demand for, natural gas.
Demand side management means activities, programs, or initiatives