Strategic Investor definition

Strategic Investor means a Corporation, partnership or other entity engaged in one or more Telecommunications Businesses that has, or 80% or more of the Voting Stock of which is owned by a Person that has, an equity market capitalization, at the time of its initial Investment in the Company or in a Permitted Joint Venture with the Company, in excess of $2 billion.
Strategic Investor means a Person (other than an Affiliate of the Company or a Person who by virtue of such Investment becomes such an Affiliate) engaged in one or more Telecommunications Businesses with an equity market capitalization at the time such Person makes a Strategic Equity Investment in the Company in excess of $1 billion.
Strategic Investor means, with respect to any Person, an operating company or a Subsidiary of an operating company that (whether directly or through one or more Subsidiaries) (a) conducts business in the same industry as that in which such Person conducts business (or in an industry functionally related to the industry in which such Person conducts business) that purchases the equity securities of such Person in one or more strategic transactions, or (b) develops, manufactures, licenses or sells products, services or technology that are of key importance to, or are reasonably likely in the future to be of key importance with respect to, a strategic transaction involving the purchase of equity securities of such Person, in each case whether or not such purchases or equity securities are registered under the Securities Act.

Examples of Strategic Investor in a sentence

  • In the event any proposed Transfer to a Strategic Investor is approved in accordance with the foregoing, such approval shall also apply to Transfers made to such Prospective Buyer by any Tag Along Sellers.

  • Figure 3 provides a schematic representation of the Strategic Investor Flip structure.

  • RiverSource Partners Fundamental Value Fund Columbia Funds Series Trust I (“CFSTI”) Columbia Contrarian Core Fund T02 M02 CFSTI Columbia Blended Equity Fund Columbia Funds Series Trust (“CFST”) Columbia Large Cap Core Fund T03 M03 CFSTI Columbia Select Opportunities Fund CFSTI Columbia Strategic Xxxxxxxx Xxxx X00 X00 XXXXX Xxxxxxxx Mid Cap Core Fund CFSTI Columbia Strategic Investor Fund T04 M05 RiverSource Market Advantage Series, Inc.

  • Softbank Lines Up Intel.Son wanted Sprint to acquire Clearwire before the Sprint-Softbank Transaction closed.34 To move quickly, Sprint needed to convince the remaining Strategic Investors to waive their notice rights under the Equityholders’ Agreement.Intel was a Strategic Investor and the largest Clearwire stockholder after Sprint, with 12.9% of the non-Sprint shares.

  • Stanton reported the call to the Strategic Committee.20 He expressed concern about Sprint buying out a Strategic Investor because it would let Sprint control the Clearwire Board: “[I]f Sprint appoints their insiders to our board .

More Definitions of Strategic Investor

Strategic Investor means any Person who is not a Financial Investor or series of Affiliated Persons who are not Financial Investors.
Strategic Investor means any Person which is (or a controlled Affiliate of any Person which is or a controlled Affiliate of which is) engaged principally in the Telecommunications Business and which has a Total Market Capitalization of at least $1.0 billion.
Strategic Investor means a Person investing in DOV, Elan or Nascime for strategic purposes as evidenced by, inter alia, being engaged in one or more pharmaceutical businesses.
Strategic Investor means any Person (i) that intends to participate in the corporate governance of the Company or in the conduct of its business or (ii) as to whom the Company's Board of Directors has made a determination in good faith that such Person will develop a material strategic relationship with the Company, including without limitation an acquisition of another entity or assets, in connection with and related to the Company's present or future business.
Strategic Investor means, with respect to any proposed Transfer, any (a) Person that is determined by the Requisite Stockholder Majority to be a competitor of the Company or any of its subsidiaries in any material respect or a potential strategic investor in the Company or any of its subsidiaries and (b) any Affiliate of any such Person specified in clause (a). For purposes hereof, without limiting the foregoing, any Person with, or whose Affiliate has, substantial operations in the film exhibition industry shall be presumed to be a Strategic Investor unless the Requisite Stockholder Majority otherwise determine.
Strategic Investor means any Person that is identified as a Strategic Investor in an investment agreement between such Person and the Company.
Strategic Investor means (i) each Person listed in Schedule III attached hereto and (ii) any Affiliate of each of the foregoing Persons; provided, that a “Strategic Investor” shall not include any Eligible Fund in which such Person makes or holds a bona fide investment.