Definition of DC Development Plan

DC Development Plan means the Development plan attached to this Amendment No. 5 as Appendix 1, which may be amended from time to time by the JSC.

Examples of DC Development Plan in a sentence

MCGUIRE, Chief Executive Officer WUDINNA DISTRICT COUNCIL DEVELOPMENT ACT 1993 Better Development Plan and Minor Amendments Development Plan Amendment Prepared by the Council-- Draft for Public Consultation NOTICE is hereby given that the Wudinna District Council has, pursuant to section 24 of the Development Act 1993, prepared a draft Development Plan Amendment to amend the Wudinna (DC) Development Plan.
To outline an open and transparent process for the private funding for preparation of amendments to the Mount Barker (DC) Development Plan that mitigates risks to Council and the community, and addresses potential conflicts of interest.
The Development Plan Amendment will amend the Wudinna (DC) Development Plan by: * Converting the existing Development Plan to the Better Development Plan format which includes the replacement of general and Council-wide policy with a range of general policy modules and the replacement of existing zone names and zone policy with new zone names and policy suitably amended to meet local circumstances.