Joint Development definition

Joint Development means any and all technical works of research and development jointly made by ALTUS and AMANO with respect to Materials to be developed hereunder.
Joint Development means the respective activities of each Party to conduct the activities that are included within the Global Product Development Plan.

Examples of Joint Development in a sentence

  • The Agency reserves the right to waive the penalties and limitations in this Section IV(E) for proposals that reduce low-income and minority concentration, including public housing projects, and subsection (E)(2) for proposals that are within a transit station area as defined by the Charlotte Region Transit Station Area Joint Development Principles and Policy Guidelines or adaptive re-use projects where made necessary by the building(s) physical structure.

  • Reason: To safeguard archaeological assets within the approved development boundary from impacts relating to any groundworks associated with the development scheme and to ensure the proper and timely investigation, recording, reporting and presentation of archaeological assets affected by this development in accordance with policy DM20 of the West Suffolk Joint Development Management Policies Document 2015, Chapter 16 of the National Planning Policy Framework and all relevant Core Strategy Policies.

  • The decision by the Airports Authority to remove the Wiehle Avenue Parking Garage – Allowance Item C-2, due to the Fairfax County Joint Development project, allowed the transfer of $29.1 million out of the direct account into the unallocated contingency account.

  • The Development Plans remain in place for the new West Suffolk Council and, with the exception of the Joint Development Management Policies document (which had been adopted by both Councils), set out policies for defined geographical areas within the new authority.

  • The policies set out within the Joint Development Management Policies have been assessed in detail and are considered sufficiently aligned with the provision of the 2019 NPPF that full weight can be attached to them in the decision making process.

More Definitions of Joint Development

Joint Development means each Development made jointly by the Parties. Whether a Development is joint shall be determined with respect to the United States patent law (whether or not the development is patentable) or, with respect to original works of authorship, with respect to United States copyright law.
Joint Development means an improvement to an invention disclosed in one or more STI Patents, whether or not such improvement is patentable or protectable as a trade secret, made by STI and/or AG, which could not have been made but for the direct use of the STI Technology, pursuant to and during the term of this Agreement, including all patents and patent applications to be filed relating to any such improvement.
Joint Development means the planning, managing,
Joint Development means the planning, managing, financing, or constructing of projects adjacent to, functionally related to, or otherwise
Joint Development means any invention, development or discovery made, conceived or created jointly by BIND and Pfizer or their respective Affiliates (in each case, optionally with any (sub)licensees, subcontractors or any other Third Parties or any employees, consultants or agents of any of the foregoing) during the term of this Agreement.