Dams definition

Dams means any artificial barrier, including appurtenant works, which does or can impound or divert water, and which either:
Dams means any artificial barrier, including appurtenant works, which does or
Dams means any artificial barrier, together with appurtenant works, which:

Examples of Dams in a sentence

  • Thematic Review 1.2: Dams, Indigenous People and Vulnerable Ethnic Minorities.

  • Safety of Dams (OP/BP 4.37): In terms of dam safety, the Safety of Dams safeguard was applied for some of the subprojects.

  • Dams - Purpose – Selection of site – Classification – Gravity dam (cross-section details only) Transportation system - Classification – Roadway - components – classification of roads - Railway – Cross-section of permanent way- components parts and functions.

  • To know about different materials and their properties.2. Engineering aspects related to buildings.3. To know about importance of Surveying.4. To know about the transportation systems.5. To get exposed to the rudiments of engineering related to Dams, Water Supply, Transportation system and Sewage Disposal.

  • According to the Central Water Commission’s 1990 Register for Large Dams, of the 32 dams of more than 50 meters height completed between 1951 and 1970, only nine (22.13 percent) were in tribal areas.

More Definitions of Dams

Dams means barriers built to hold back water.
Dams means dams, embankments, dikes, pumps, weirs, locks, gates, tubes, ditches, or any other devices or construction to impound or release water.
Dams means all dams, dikes, reservoirs and other similar structures, with their appurtenances, without exception and without further definition or enumeration herein, which, by breaking away or otherwise, might endanger life or property and which are subject to the provisions of Chapter 446j of the General Statutes.
Dams means dams, weirs and hydroelectric projects involving the construction of dams or weirs.
Dams means dams to which this Manual applies, that is Wivenhoe Dam and Somerset Dam;
Dams means the existing irrigation dams from which water will be extracted for the purposes of
Dams means a land-based structure or a void that is designed to contain, divert or control flowable substances, and includes any substances that are thereby contained, diverted or controlled by that land-based structure or void and associated works. A dam does not mean a fabricated or manufactured tank or container, designed and constructed to an Australian Standard that deals with strength and structural integrity of that tank or container.