PIDs definition

PIDs shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit B.
PIDs means piping and instrumentation diagrams.
PIDs shall have the meaning set forth in Exhibit B. “POTS” means plain old telephone service.

More Definitions of PIDs

PIDs means the Piping and Instrument Diagrams, to be supplied by BCCK and presented to Linn for prompt comments to be incorporated into the diagrams as agreed to by both parties prior to the start of the Process Hazards Analysis review of the Xxxx Xxxxxxxx Trail Cryogenic Gas Plant that will reflect the process placement of the equipment and instruments listed on the Equipment and Instrument Lists.
PIDs has The meaning set forth in Section 2(h).
PIDs means Pennsylvania International Distribution Services, Inc., a Nevada corporation.
PIDs has the meaning set fort in Section 2.2.3(i).
PIDs means the audio-video passenger information display system used on and for railway trains established and operated by MTR along the Relevant Railways
PIDs the service and PID filter settings for the (internal) transport streams 1 and 2 can be done. Tab "CA Modul" (transport stream 1) contains the filter settings (the services to be descrambled) and the settings of a CA module. • Select transport stream 1 or 2 via buttons . —> The windows in section "Input" (e.g. A-Pass-Filter) are dependent on the settings of "Input Routing".
PIDs all PIDs are listed in ascending order without an assignment to a channel. —> If filters will be activated in tab "Services", these filters are also activated in tab "PIDs" (and vice versa). —> Therefore also observe the functions "Add a new PID " and "Remap a PID " on page 61. —> If filters for Services and PIDs are set, first only the setting of the filters will be transmitted to the cassette. The filters are not activated until the "Filter ON" check box is ac- tivated (separately for transport stream 1 and 2 ) and also these settings are transmitted to the cassette . —> Without activated filters all services/PIDs of the "A-Pass-Filter" will be transmitted. If a cassette contains a CA module, in tab "CA Modul" the corresponding filter settings (the services to be descrambled) as well as the settings of the CA module can be done. • Select the services to be descrambled. —> If a service can not be descrambled, as e.g. the number of PIDs to be descrambled by the CA module are exhausted, PIDs of e.g. not needed languages can be deselected, to get free capacities. Via selection field "Supply" dependent on the cassette (and its software ver- sion) the power supply of the CA module can be switched over from 5V to 3.3V. Bx 4A Supply CA