Mill definition

Mill means the steel rolling mill or mills to be erected on the works site.
Mill means a concentrator.
Mill means one one-thousandth of a United States dollar. “Millage” may apply to a single levy of taxes or to the cumulative of all levies.

Examples of Mill in a sentence

  • The importance of the latter is to provide a bridge between the potential closure of the power station and the opening of Mill Green, if transitional funding was not provided by the Government.

  • In addition the release of Earmarked Reserves and the identification of any efficiency /transformation and downsizing savings during the current year will enable any costs associated with saving proposals to be met and will also provide a potential contingency to provide transitional funding if the Mill Green development is delayed.

  • The option will however require that match funding for the potential engineering training facility for the District may need to be put on hold pending the Mill Green Capital Receipt.

  • Any notice, demand or communication required, permitted or desired to be given hereunder shall be deemed effectively given when personally delivered, or via confirmed facsimile transmission, or mailed by prepaid certified mail, return receipt requested, to: If to BEMS: Berlin Emergency Medical Services William Rosenberg Chief Executive Officer 3108 Lord Baltimore Dr., Suite 100 Windsor Mill, MD 21244 If to CITY: Pamela E.

  • A key strategy of the Council was to offset the employment and financial impact of the eventual closure via economic growth within the Cannock Chase area including Kingswood Lakeside and Mill Green Designer Outlet Village (see below) , which itself had the potential to offset most of the potential loss of Business Rates from the power station.

More Definitions of Mill

Mill means the rate of property taxation equivalent to the amount of dollars per one thousand dollars of valuation for assessment of taxable real or personal property.
Mill means one one-thousandth of a United States dollar.
Mill means the crusher, concentrator and other processing facilities constructed on or in proximity to the Acquisition Lands and used for the processing of production from the Acquisition Lands, whether or not in conjunction with or after production from any other mineral property.
Mill means the whole mineral treatment plant, in which crushing, grinding, screening, flotation, drying, and other physical and chemical processing
Mill means a machine consisting of two adjacent metal rolls, set horizontally, which revolve in opposite directions (i.e., toward each other as viewed from above) used for the mechanical working of rubber and plastics compounds.
Mill means Off-Taker’s Granite City Works, located at Granite City, Illinois.
Mill means a plant where ore is ground fine and undergoes physical or chemical treatment to extract the valuable metals