Noxious weeds definition

Noxious weeds means weeds that are difficult to control effectively, such as Johnson Grass, Kudzu, and multiflora rose.
Noxious weeds means the weeds designated as noxious weeds in Part I and Part II of Schedule A of the Weed Control Regulation, B.C. Reg. 143/2011 but excludes Giant Hogweed (Heracleum Mantegazzianum) and Spurge Laurel (Daphne Laureola);
Noxious weeds means the following: Canada thistle, leafy spurge, field bindweed (creeping Jenny), cannabis (marijuana/hemp), and any other such weeds as may be specified in § 66.0407(1)(b), Stats.

Examples of Noxious weeds in a sentence

  • Noxious weeds to be controlled: all State and County Listed Weeds and weeds approved by the weed district coordinator.

  • Misaligned valve boxes shall be excavated, plumbed and backfilled at the Contractor’s expense.

  • Noxious weeds or parts thereof shall not be present in the surface grade prior to seeding.

  • Noxious weeds will not be controlled in any way that will adversely affect or have any detrimental impact on any wildlife or habitat.

  • Noxious weeds shall not be included in percent cover in determining reclamation success.

More Definitions of Noxious weeds

Noxious weeds means all actively growing plants declared to be statewide noxious weeds by the South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission.
Noxious weeds means any weed the State Department of Agriculture designates by rule as a noxious weed.
Noxious weeds means weeds listed by the King County Noxious Weed Control Board.
Noxious weeds means a plant declared to be a noxious weed under section 3 of the Suppression of Noxious Weeds Act (Cap. 325);
Noxious weeds means primary and secondary classes of weeds as defined by the Code of Iowa and all additions to this list as so declared by the Secretary of Agriculture, State of Iowa.
Noxious weeds means weeds such as Johnson Grass, Kudzu, and multiflora rose.
Noxious weeds means any non-native plant whichthat, when established, is highly destructive, competitive, or difficult to control.