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General Statutes. H. (Other Provisions) When this Paragraph 6.20 or any subparagraph or combination of subparagraphs of this Paragraph applies, it apples to every provision in this contract outside of this Paragraph that would require the Contractor to indemnify, hold harmless, or defend Indemnitees regardless of whether the Paragraph in question is titled “indemnification,” “warranty,” or otherwise.
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General Statutes. You also agree agree that any notice or payment that You deliver to an after-hours "drop box" that may be located on the exterior of Our management office shall be deemed received at the time the management office re-opens for business, not before. By using the "drop box," You agree that delivery of a notice or payment after business hours on the date any notice or payment is due may result in the notice or payment being considered late, and in such an event, You shall be liable for late fees and/or for an additional month-to-month renewal term, where applicable under the terms of this Agreement.
General Statutes. ● If the time frame of the problem cannot be determined, the Town should refund the excess amount charged during the previous 12 months. ● If the exact amount of excess charge cannot be determined, the Town should take into consideration all information and account history in order to determine the amount due as accurately as possible. ● If an overcharged customer owes a past due balance to the Town, the Town may deduct that past due amount from any refund or credit due the customer.
General Statutes a. Ensure the TPA has a current license issued by, and is in good standing with DOI, as required by X.X. Xxx. Stat. §§ 58-56-2(5) and 58-56-51;
General Statutes. See General Grant Requirements.

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  • Legal Status Borrower is a corporation, duly organized and existing and in good standing under the laws of Delaware, and is qualified or licensed to do business (and is in good standing as a foreign corporation, if applicable) in all jurisdictions in which such qualification or licensing is required or in which the failure to so qualify or to be so licensed could have a material adverse effect on Borrower.

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