Curtailment Plan definition

Curtailment Plan means the regime governing Curtailments of Capacity set out in Schedule 6 and clause 17.9.
Curtailment Plan means the procedures that a utility will follow to limit the quantity of water its customers consume during a period when, due to unusual or emergency conditions, there is an insufficient supply of water, distribution capacity, or pipeline capacity to meet the requirements of all customers.
Curtailment Plan means a plan developed and approved by the Board for curtailment of water service in accordance with OAR Chapter 690 Division 86 rules.

Examples of Curtailment Plan in a sentence

  • In applying the Curtailment Plan in a Point Specific Curtailment or System Curtailment, a Type of Capacity Service will only be Curtailed once all Types of Capacity Services listed below it in that column in the Curtailment Plan have been reduced to zero.

  • In a Curtailment, whether System Curtailment or in any Point Specific Curtailments, Contracted Capacity at a particular point ( incumbent capacity) has priority for the use of that point above capacity relocated from another point for that Gas Day, unless the incumbent capacity has been fully curtailed by virtue of the application of the Curtailment Plan in a System Curtailment which affects a Curtailment Area greater than a Point Specific Curtailment.

  • Any Curtailment of the Shipper's Total Contracted Capacity must be conducted in accordance with the Curtailment Plan.

  • Where the Curtailment is a Point Specific Curtailment, the Curtailment Plan will be subject to any Multi-shipper Agreement relating to that Inlet Point or Outlet Point.

  • Nominations Plan means the process for allocating Nominations set out in clause 8.8 which is based upon the priorities set out in the Curtailment Plan.

  • Despite any provision of the Curtailment Plan or any contract, the Delivery of Gas to the Shipper is at all times subject to the Operator’s absolute right to utilise part of the DBNGP’s capability to transport Gas which is required by the Operator for operational purposes in relation to the DBNGP.

  • However, the Gas Curtailment Plan Action Steps will not go into effect until such time as all options available above have been exercised.

  • Nothing in the Gas Curtailment Plan shall inhibit the Company from managing and scheduling interruptions in service as covered above in a manner that it determines is appropriate to meet the conditions on its system.

  • For the purposes of applying the Curtailment Plan in a Point Specific Curtailment, the Aggregated T1 Service shall be excluded from the T1 Service.

  • Each category of Capacity Service described in a row of the Curtailment Plan (as relevant to the particular circumstance) refers separately to a Type of Capacity Service such that, for example, Alcoa's Priority Quantity is a Type of Capacity Service.

More Definitions of Curtailment Plan

Curtailment Plan means the Charleston Site Plan for the sequence in ---------------- which Services will be reduced or temporarily suspended for the various operating units.
Curtailment Plan means a written procedure, which is reasonably acceptable to Evoenergy, that describes the timing and steps to be taken by a Customer to reduce and maintain Hourly Gas withdrawals at the Delivery Point to pre-quantified levels which correspond to the Load Shedding Priorities set out in the ELMS Data for the Delivery Point; Customer means:
Curtailment Plan means the regime governing Curtailments of Capacity set out in Schedule 8 and clause 17.9. Daily Bid has the meaning given to it in clause 3.5(c).

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  • Distribution Plan means the plan hereafter approved by the MDL Court for the distribution of the Settlement Amount (net of any attorneys’ fees or costs that are awarded by the MDL Court) to Stanford Investors who have had their Claims allowed by the Receiver.

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  • Basic health plan model plan means a health plan as required in RCW 70.47.060(2)(e).

  • Restoration Plan means all technical and organisational measures necessary for the restoration of the system back to normal state;

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  • Rectification Plan means the rectification plan pursuant to the Rectification Plan Process;

  • Business Continuity Plan means any plan prepared pursuant to clause H5.6, as may be amended from time to time.

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