Cooperating agent definition

Cooperating agent means a licensed real estate broker, licensed
Cooperating agent means a licensed real estate broker, licensed associate real estate broker, or licensed real estate salesperson who:
Cooperating agent means an Agent who introduces a buyer to an BMLS Listing of another Member and who is further involved so as to become the procuring cause of sale to that buyer; and where the context requires, the obligations of the Cooperating Agent shall also be obligations of the Cooperating Broker.

Examples of Cooperating agent in a sentence

  • Owner(s) elect(s) to have all offers submitted through Agent or Cooperating Agent .

  • Tenant hereby represents and warrants to Landlord that Tenant has not dealt with any broker or finder or real estate licensee in connection with this Lease other than Agent and the Cooperating Agent.

  • Tenant shall protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Landlord from and against any and all damages, liabilities, losses, costs, or expenses (including, withoutlimitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs) which Landlord may incur or sustain from a claim for a commission, broker's fee, finder's fee, or other similar compensation by any party other than Agent or Cooperating Agent claiming by, through or under Tenant with respect to this Lease.

  • Landlord shall be responsible for the payment of brokerage commissions to Agent and Cooperating Agent.

  • Contact and maintain communications with all parties to the transaction, including but not limited to: the Cooperating Agent, the Escrow holder, the Inspectors, the Buyer and/or the Seller.

  • Owner(s) elect(s) to have all offers submitted through Agent ( ) or Cooperating Agent ( ).

  • If a Cooperating Agent claims entitlement to a commission from the sale of Owner’s Property, and pursues and receives an award at either mediation, arbitration, civil litigation or any other legal proceeding, Owner agrees to indemnify and hold Broker harmless for the amount of any such award plus all out-of-pocket costs and reasonable attorney fees.

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Cooperating agent. CB Xxxxxxx Xxxxx, Inc. 0000 XXX Xxxxxxx, Xxxxx 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 Attn: Xxxxx Xxxxxx
Cooperating agent. A cooperating agent works for a real estate company different from the company for which the seller's agent works. The cooperating agent can assist a buyer or tenant in purchasing or renting a property, but his or her duty of loyalty is only to the sellers or landlords. The cooperating agent's fee is paid by the sellers or landlords through the seller's agent's company. Agents Who Represent the Buyer Presumed Buyer's Agent (no written agreement): When a person goes to a real estate agent for assistance in finding a home to buy or rent, the agent is presumed to be representing the buyer and can show the buyer properties that are not listed by the agent's real estate company. A presumed buyer's agent may not make or prepare an offer or negotiate a sale for the buyer. The buyer does not have an obligation to pay anything to the presumed agent. If for any reason the buyer does not want the agent to represent him or her as a presumed agent, either initially or at any time, the buyer can decline or terminate a presumed agency relationship simply by saying so. Buyer's Agent (by written agreement): A buyer or tenant may enter into a written contract with a real estate agent which provides that the agent will represent the buyer or tenant in locating a property to buy or rent. The agent is then known as the buyer's agent. That agent assists the buyer in evaluating properties and preparing offers, and negotiates in the best interests of the buyer or tenant. The agent's fee is paid according to the written agreement between the agent and the buyer or tenant. If you as a buyer or tenant wish to have an agent represent you exclusively, you must enter into a written buyer agency agreement.
Cooperating agent. Xxx Xxxxx, Xxxx Xxxxx Real Estate Services
Cooperating agent. N/A (i) "Property": Landlord's property located in the City of Dallas, Dallas County, Texas, which property is described or shown on Exhibit "A" attached to this lease ("Property"). With regard to Exhibit "A", the parties agree that the exhibit is attached solely for the purpose of locating the Property and the Demised Premises within the Property and that no representation, warranty, or covenant is to be implied by any other information shown on the exhibit (i.e., any information as to building, etc. is subject to change at any time). (j) "Demised Premises": an Office/Warehouse building ("Building") containing approximately 74 8.82 square feet in area (measured by calculating lengths and widths to the exterior of outside xxxxx and to the center of interior walls), being known as 00000 Xxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000 and the Property being described or shown on Exhibit " B" attached to this lease. (k) "Commencement Date": the earlier of (i) the date upon which Tenant occupies any portion of the Demised Premises, or (ii) whichever of the following alternatives may be appropriate (place an 'X' or other mark designating a choice in the appropriate box): ____ days after the Demised Premises are deemed "ready for occupancy' (as defined in Exhibit "D" attached to this lease), it being Xxxxxxxx's estimate that the premises will be "ready for occupancy" within 30) days after the date of execution of the lease. _X_ December 1, 1994 Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, Landlord agrees that Tenant shall have the right to use and occupy the warehouse portion of the Demised Premises (in compliance with the terms of this lease other than the payment of rent) after Landlord has completed the work required of Landlord in connection with the warehouse portion (i.e., that being the raising of the lights); provided however that (A) the Commencement Date shall have been deemed to have occurred on the date specified above and (B) Landlord shall continue to perform those specific other items of Landlord's Work which have not yet been accomplished with the goal that such items be accomplished as soon as possible. (1)
Cooperating agent means a licensed real estate broker,

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  • Cooperating agency means any Federal agency other than a lead agency which has jurisdiction by law or special expertise with respect to any environmental impact involved in a proposal (or a reasonable alternative) for legislation or other major Federal action significantly affecting the quality of the human environment. The selection and responsibilities of a cooperating agency are described in Sec. 1501.6. A State or local agency of similar qualifications or, when the effects are on a reservation, an Indian Tribe, may by agreement with the lead agency become a cooperating agency.

  • Contracting agent means any officer, school board, board or commission of the state, or a state institution supported in whole or in part by state funds, authorized to enter into a contract for a state project or to perform a state project by the direct employment of labor.

  • Marketing Agent means MACRO Financial, LLC, in its capacity as marketing agent hereunder, and its successors and assigns.

  • Managing Party shall have the meaning set forth in Section 7.2(a).

  • Filing Agent means a person or company that is authorized to make an electronic filing on behalf of an electronic filer;

  • Procurement Agent means the district representative duly authorized to enter into and administer Contracts and make written determinations with respect to this solicitation or his/ her designee.

  • Property Manager means an entity that has been retained to perform and carry out at one or more of the Properties property-management services, excluding persons, entities or independent contractors retained or hired to perform facility management or other services or tasks at a particular Property, the costs for which are passed through to and ultimately paid by the tenant at such Property.

  • Special Servicer means each of the Loan Combination Special Servicers, the Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicers (if any) and the General Special Servicer); (ii) when used in the context of identifying the recipient of any information, funds, documents, instruments and/or other items, the term “Special Servicer” shall mean (A) the applicable Loan Combination Special Servicer, insofar as such information, funds, documents, instruments and/or other items relate to the subject Serviced Loan Combination or any related REO Property, (B) the applicable Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicer, insofar as such information, funds, documents, instruments and/or other items relate to the subject Excluded Special Servicer Mortgage Loan or any related REO Property and (C) the General Special Servicer, in all other cases; (iii) when used in the context of granting the Special Servicer the right to purchase all of the Mortgage Loans and all other property held by the Trust Fund pursuant to Section 9.01 of this Agreement, the term “Special Servicer” shall mean the General Special Servicer only; (iv) when used in the context of the Special Servicer being replaced pursuant to this Section 6.08 by the Controlling Class Representative or the applicable Certificateholders, the term “Special Servicer” shall mean the General Special Servicer, the applicable Loan Combination Special Servicer or the applicable Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicer, if applicable; (v) when used in the context of granting the Special Servicer any protections, limitations on liability, immunities and/or indemnities hereunder, the term “Special Servicer” shall mean each of the Loan Combination Special Servicers, the Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicers (if any) and the General Special Servicer; and (vi) when used in the context of requiring indemnification from, imposing liability on, or exercising any remedies against, the Special Servicer for any breach of a representation, warranty or covenant hereunder or for any negligence, bad faith or willful misconduct in the performance of duties and obligations hereunder or any negligent disregard of such duties and obligations or otherwise holding the Special Servicer responsible for any of the foregoing, the term “Special Servicer” shall mean the applicable Loan Combination Special Servicer, the applicable Excluded Mortgage Loan Special Servicer or the General Special Servicer, as applicable.

  • Existing Agent has the meaning assigned to such term in the recitals hereto.

  • Structuring Agent means PNC Capital Markets LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company.

  • Replacement Agent means the Fiscal Agent or, in respect of any Tranche of Notes, the Paying Agent named as such in the relevant Final Terms or Drawdown Prospectus (as the case may be);

  • Information Agent The meaning specified in Section 14.16.

  • Listing Agent means a person who has obtained a listing of real property to act as an agent for compensation.

  • Chelating agent means amine polycarboxylic acids, hydroxycarboxylic acids, gluconic acid, and polycarboxylic acids.

  • Billing agent means a telephone utility that includes in a bill it sends to a customer a charge for a product or service offered by a service provider.[PL 1999, c. 59, §1 (NEW); PL 1999, c. 59, §3 (AFF).]

  • Managing Agent means a person authorized by the landlord to act on behalf of the landlord under

  • Construction Agent means any registered or licensed

  • Master Servicer Aurora Loan Services LLC, or any successor in interest, or if any successor master servicer shall be appointed as provided in the Trust Agreement, then such successor master servicer.

  • Sub-Agent means Citibank International plc.

  • Procurement Administrator means the GRDA employee with direct supervisory capacity of the Procurement Unit.

  • Loan Servicer means the entity that from time to time is designated by Lender to collect payments and deposits and receive Notices under the Note, the Security Instrument, this Loan Agreement and any other Loan Document, and otherwise to service the Loan evidenced by the Note for the benefit of Lender.