Contracting personnel definition

Contracting personnel means those persons who are designated in writing by the Chancellor of UWGB or the President of the University of Wisconsin System to negotiate, review, approve, or sign contracts for the purchase of goods and services on behalf of UWGB, the System, or the Board of Regents. The term does not include persons who do either or both of the following:
Contracting personnel means any individual (including State classified personnel) who engages in policy making, negotiating, reviewing, approving and/or signing contracts for the purchase of goods or services on behalf of the Board or College.
Contracting personnel means all HHSC personnel involved in a procurement, contract administration, contract management, contract monitoring, and contract oversight.

Examples of Contracting personnel in a sentence

  • Contracting personnel are an im- portant potential source of investiga- tive leads for antitrust enforcement and should therefore be sensitive to in- dications of unlawful behavior by offerors and contractors.

  • When a quotation is submitted by email to NAVSUP FLCY but if you do not receive a “quotation received” reply, contact the appropriate Contracting Officer to confirm receipt.Quotations submitted to locations/recipients other than NAVSUP FLCY Contracting personnel may not be accepted.

  • Contracting personnel may use the DD Form 1654 to furnish information to the transportation office for development of cost factors for use by the contracting officer in the evaluation of f.o.b. origin offers.

  • All circumferential and longitudinal seams of jackets and fitting covers should be sealed with Zeston Perma-Weld adhesive.

  • Solvency.Both before and after giving effect to (a) the Loans to be made or extended on the Closing Date or such other date as Loans requested hereunder are made or extended, (b) the disbursement of the proceeds of such Loans pursuant to the instructions of Borrower, and (c) the payment and accrual of all transaction costs in connection with the foregoing, Holdings and each Credit Party are Solvent.

  • Contracting personnel are an important potential source of investigative leads for antitrust enforcement and should therefore be sensitive to indications of unlawful behavior by offerors and contractors.

  • An offeror with questions regarding size eligibility standards should contact its legal counsel and/or SBA Office of Government Contracting personnel; 8(a) Program participants may consult the cognizant SBA Business Opportunity Specialist.

  • Contracting personnel will make appropriate determinations in accordance with this rule.

  • Contracting personnel should support and encourage requester market research efforts whenever possible.

  • There is conclusive evidence that the bid was submitted to the office designated in B.12 above, on time and was mishandled by the City of Colorado Springs ( i.e. lost or misplaced) City Contracting personnel responsible for handling/receiving bids.

Related to Contracting personnel

  • Contracting Parties has the meaning set forth in Section 9.14.

  • Contractor Personnel means Contractor’s employees and subcontractors (as well as any employees or subcontractors of those subcontractors) performing the Services.

  • Contracting Party shall have the meaning designated in the preamble to Section 5.2 hereof.

  • Support personnel means the staffs that support the Key Personnel.

  • Contracting Bodies means bodies listed in paragraph VI.3 of the OJEU Notice and “Contracting Body” shall be construed accordingly;

  • Supplier Personnel means Supplier’s employees, consultants, agents, independent contractors and Subcontractors.

  • Personnel means persons hired by the Consultant or by any Subconsultant as employees and assigned to the performance of the Services or any part thereof;

  • HUB Subcontracting Plan or “HSP” means written documentation regarding the use of subcontractors, which is required to be submitted with all responses to state agency contracts with an expected value of $100,000.00 or more where subcontracting opportunities have been determined by the state agency to be probable. The HUB subcontracting plan subsequently becomes a provision of the awarded Contract and shall be monitored for compliance by the state agency during the term of the Contract.

  • Master subcontracting plan means a subcontracting plan that contains all the required elements of an individual subcontracting plan, except goals, and may be incorporated into individual subcontracting plans, provided the master subcontracting plan has been approved.

  • Local Personnel means such professionals and support staff who at the time of being so provided had their domicile inside the Government’s country.

  • Contractor's Personnel means the personnel to be provided by the Contractor to provide services as per the contract.

  • Senior Management Personnel means personnel of the company who are members of its core management team excluding Board of Directors. Normally, this would comprise all members of management one level below the executive directors, including all functional heads.

  • Subcontractors means subcontractors or subconsultants at any tier that are under the direct or indirect control or responsibility of the Contractor, and includes all independent contractors, agents, employees, authorized resellers, or anyone else for whom the Contractor may be liable at any tier, including a person or entity that is, or will be, providing or performing an essential aspect of this Contract, including Contractor’s manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers.

  • Contractors means the bidder whose bid has been accepted by the COE;

  • Provider Personnel means all persons employed or engaged by the Provider together with the Provider’s servants, agents, consultants and Sub-Contractors (and all persons employed by any Sub-Contractor together with the Sub-Contractor’s servants, consultants, agents, Provider’s and Sub-Contractors) used in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement;

  • Supportive personnel means unlicensed individuals who:

  • Contracting means engaging in business as a contractor.

  • Training provider means an organization meeting the eligibility conditions as mentioned in Data Sheet and selected in accordance with the criteria set forth for the purpose.

  • Key Personnel means those persons named in the Specification as being key personnel.

  • Contractor Parties means a Contractor’s members, directors, officers, shareholders, partners, managers, principal officers, representatives, agents, servants, consultants, employees or any one of them or any other person or entity with whom the Contractor is in privity of oral or written contract (e.g. subcontractor) and the Contractor intends for such other person or entity to perform under the Contract in any capacity. For the purpose of this Contract, vendors of support services, not otherwise known as human service providers or educators, shall not be considered subcontractors, e.g. lawn care, unless such activity is considered part of a training, vocational or educational program.

  • Vendor Personnel means employees, agents, independent contractors, or any other staff or personnel acting on behalf of or at the direction of Vendor or any Vendor Contractor performing or providing Services or Deliverables under this Agreement.

  • Specified Personnel means the personnel specified in the Contract to provide the Services.

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.

  • Contracting Body means the Department for Work and Pensions and any contracting body described in the OJEU Notice

  • First-tier Subcontractor means any Subcontractor that has a contract with the General Contractor.

  • Subcontracting means any action, practice, or effort by an