Contract Works definition

Contract Works means works of engineering, construction or mechanical installation or erection, including formwork, falsework, temporary works, temporary buildings including all associated contents other than employees' personal effects, scaffolding, hoardings, Principal supplied or free-issue materials, materials for incorporation in the works, and additions and alterations to or refurbishment of pre-existing buildings or structures, all of which are carried out in their entirety within Australia during the Period of Insurance and which are described more particularly in the Schedule.
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Contract Works means the work to be carried out by the Purchaser under the Contract, into which the Goods will be incorporated, referred to in the Order.
Contract Works means work arising from performance of the Contract including information, know- how, data, blue prints, plans, diagrams, models, specifications, goods, products or any computer software arising from performance of the Contract

Examples of Contract Works in a sentence

Contract works ordered & awaiting deliveryo Replacement of street lamps on green space by police stationo Replacement of 1 lamp head and consumer unit electrics in Park Gardens4.

The bidder shall make good all damages of every sort mentioned in the Clause, as to deliver up the whole of the Contract works complete and perfect in every respect and so as to make good or otherwise satisfy all claims for damage to the property of third parties.

More Definitions of Contract Works

Contract Works means the whole of the works described in the Insured Contract as required for the performance of the Insured Contract, whether permanent or temporary, including principal supplied or free-issue materials or materials incorporated or to be incorporated, therein. The works includes new works or additions and alterations to or refurbishment of pre- existing buildings or structures, all of which form part of the Insured Contract.
Contract Works means, where the additional clauses E1 to E8 apply, the Goods and the erection of other works (if any) to be carried out by the Vendor at the Site.
Contract Works means works undertaken in performance of the Contract including works, temporary works and materials (including Free Issue Materials);
Contract Works means Equipment, and Services where these are provided under the Contract.
Contract Works means property of every description used or to be used in part of or incidental to or having any connection whatsoever with the Insured Operations. It shall include but not be limited to:
Contract Works means the Equipment and System(s) works briefly described in the Contract Documents, as varied (where applicable) under clause 12.
Contract Works means the cost of labour andall the materials incorporated in, or to be incorporated in the Project and included within the estimated construction value at the commencement of the Project.