Professional license definition

Professional license means any license, permit, certificate, registration, qualification, admission, temporary license, temporary permit, temporary certificate, or temporary registration that is described in divisions (W)(1) to (36) of this section and that qualifies a person as a professionally licensed person.
Professional license means an individual, nontransferable

Examples of Professional license in a sentence

  • Customer may only license the OPC UA Server on a perpetual basis with an AVEVA Communication Drivers Professional license, which is licensed on a per node basis.

More Definitions of Professional license

Professional license means a life-license when issued under Bulletin 400 and is a ten-year license when issued under Rules 46-47.
Professional license means a license issued to an individual based on successful completion of a performance assessment and maintained by professional development.
Professional license means an official process,
Professional license means the educator license described in Section R277-301-6.
Professional license means a license, certificate, or registration issued under:
Professional license means the credential issued by the State to
Professional license means a license to practice as an aesthetician, barber, barber crossover, barber permanent wavist, cosmetologist, cosmetologist crossover, hairstylist or nail technician.