Commercial License definition

Commercial License means any license issued to an individual or entity that is not a patient, caregiver, or transporter agent.
Commercial License means as defined in Section 2.1.
Commercial License means a license to use Software obtained or renewed by the Licensee by paying Fees.

Examples of Commercial License in a sentence

  • The following provisions of this License Agreement survive termination of this License Agreement: Definitions, License Restrictions and any other restrictions on use of intellectual property, Ownership/Title, Warranty Disclaimers, Limitation of Liability, U.S. Government Commercial License Rights, Export Regulation, Data Collection, Confidential Information, Survival, and General.

  • Registration number: this is the Commercial License Number of the entity.

  • The Order of Precedence for resolving any inconsistency between the Commercial License and the GSA contract terms shall be as specified in the GSA contract’s Commercial Item clause, FAR 52.212-4, and the provisions of FAR 52.212-4 specified in FAR 12.302, as required by Federal law, shall prevail over any terms of the commercial license.

  • Articles are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial License.

  • Valid Commercial License for ply vehicles from concerned authority.

More Definitions of Commercial License

Commercial License means a license issued to a medical marijuana dispensary, grower, processor, or researcher.
Commercial License has the meaning set forth in Section 3.1.3.
Commercial License means a license agreement between Licensor and a Third Party pursuant to which Licensor grants a license to the Licensed Technology and which license agreement meets the following: (a) the agreement contains provisions substantially comparable to Section 2.5 with respect to improvements of the Third Party that are substantially similar toLicensed Back Improvements” as defined in this Agreement; (b) the Third Party grants to Licensor a sublicensable license to such “Licensed Back Improvements” of the Third Party; and (c) Licensor is not required to pay any royalties, milestones, or other fees in connection with the exploitation of such sublicensable license.
Commercial License means any license granted to You in return for payment of royalty fees and entitling You to distribute and/or make available Derivative Works on a commercial scale.
Commercial License means any License other than a Non-Commercial License, including a License that is any of the following License Types: Commercial Workstation License, Indie License, Local Access License, Global Access License and Project License.
Commercial License is defined in Section 4.1.3.
Commercial License shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in Section 2.1(a) of this Agreement.