Matching Contribution Account definition

Matching Contribution Account means the separate, individual account established on behalf of a Participant to which the Matching Contributions made on such Participant's behalf are credited, together with all earnings and appreciation thereon, and against which are charged any withdrawals, loans and other distributions made from such account and any losses, depreciation or expenses allocable to amounts credited to such account.
Matching Contribution Account means that portion of a Participant’s Account established to record Matching Contributions on behalf of a Participant. Matching Contributions shall be deemed to be invested in the Company stock, and a Participant shall not be permitted to elect a different Deemed Crediting Option for such Matching Contributions.
Matching Contribution Account means the Account established for each Participant, the balance of which is attributable to (i) Participating Employer matching contributions made pursuant to Article 3 and earnings and losses of the Trust Fund with respect to such contributions and (ii) the balance of the Participant’s matching contribution account under the Belo Savings Plan transferred to the Plan.

Examples of Matching Contribution Account in a sentence

  • Such Accounts may include the Compensation Reduction Contributions Account, the Roth Compensation Reduction Contributions Account, the Employer Matching Contribution Account, the Employer Non-Elective Contribution Account, the Employee Voluntary Contribution Account, and the Employee Rollover Contribution Account.

  • In-service withdrawals are allowed from a Participant's Profit Sharing Contribution Account on funds held for years.NOTE: Withdrawals under G.7a are only permitted from the Matching Contribution Account to the extent such Account has not been used to satisfy the requirements of Code sections 401(k)(12) or 401(k)(13) and/or 401(m)(11) or 401(m)(12) or to the extent such contributions have not been treated as Qualified Matching Contributions.NOTE: G.7a-b may not be less than two.

  • In-service withdrawals are allowed from a Participant's Matching Contribution Account on funds held for years.

More Definitions of Matching Contribution Account

Matching Contribution Account means an Account maintained pursuant to Subparagraph 8.01(b).
Matching Contribution Account means the portion of the Member’s Account attributable to Matching Contributions allocated to such Member.
Matching Contribution Account means the bookkeeping account maintained for each Participant covered under this Appendix A to record the Excess Matching Contribution (as defined under the ITT Industries Excess Savings Plan) credited on such Participant’s behalf due to his deferral of Base Salary under this Plan.
Matching Contribution Account means the account maintained for a Participant to which are allocated the Matching Contributions, if any, made on such Participant’s behalf, plus earnings and net of any withdrawals or losses.
Matching Contribution Account means the Account maintained by the Plan Administrator for each Participant which is to be credited with the Matching Contributions allocated to the Participant and adjustments related thereto.
Matching Contribution Account means a bookkeeping account established by the Employer for each Participant to which Matching Contributions shall be credited.