Rollover Contributions definition

Rollover Contributions means, for any Participant, his rollover contributions as provided in Section 7.1.
Rollover Contributions means the contributions made by a Member pursuant to Section 4.4.
Rollover Contributions means rollover contributions made pursuant to Section 3.1(c).

Examples of Rollover Contributions in a sentence

  • Your Rollover Contributions Account will be subject to the terms of this Plan and will always be fully vested and nonforfeitable.

  • Making Rollover Contributions to the Plan that consist of assets other than qualified 401(a) plan assets may result in the loss of favorable capital gains or ten year income averaging tax treatment that may otherwise be available with respect to a lump sum distribution to you from the Plan.

  • Rollover Contributions may only be made in the form of cash, allowable fund shares, or (if the Plan allows new loans in accordance with the terms of this SPD) promissory notes from an eligible retirement plan.

  • If you may be eligible for this special tax treatment, you should consult your tax advisor and carefully consider the impact of making a Rollover Contribution to the Plan.The Plan Administrator determines which Rollover Contributions are acceptable and if any Rollover Contribution fails to meet the requirements of the Plan and must be distributed.

  • The same rules that apply to other direct Rollover Contributions apply to direct Rollover Contributions of amounts attributable to Roth Deferral Contributions, except for the income tax treatment on distribution (described below).

More Definitions of Rollover Contributions

Rollover Contributions means amounts contributed pursuant to Section 3.08.
Rollover Contributions means Employee contributions transferred to the Plan, in accordance with Section 4.14, from a trust under another corporate plan, each qualified under Code sections 501(a) and 401(a), respectively.
Rollover Contributions means amounts contributed pursuant to Section 3.05.
Rollover Contributions means contributions made by Participants in accordance with Paragraph 5.12.
Rollover Contributions means contributions which the Associate or Member, as applicable, elects to make in accordance with Section 11.02.
Rollover Contributions means amounts contributed pursuant to Section 3.03.
Rollover Contributions means a cash amount contributed by a Participant, Beneficiary who is a Participant’s Surviving Spouse or Alternate Payee to a Rollover Account, or if applicable, an Alternate Payee Account determined as a Eligible Rollover Distribution in accordance with Code Section 402(c)(4), and provided that the distributing Eligible Retirement Plan shall have separately accounted for all amounts included in the Rollover Contribution.