Rollover Contributions definition

Rollover Contributions means amounts attributable to part or all of an "eligible rollover distribution" (within the meaning of Section 402(c)(4) of the Code and the Treasury Regulations thereunder) transferred to this Plan pursuant to Section 4.03 as the result of the distribution of a Participant's account under another qualified trust, individual retirement account or individual retirement annuity as defined in Section 4.03.
Rollover Contributions means, for any Participant, his rollover contributions as provided in Section 7.1.
Rollover Contributions means the contributions made by a Member pursuant to Section 4.4.

Examples of Rollover Contributions in a sentence

  • Deposits we receive above the IRS Annual Contribution Limit for your account will be deposited and reported to the IRS as Rollover Contributions.

  • Salary Reduction Contributions (which include Catch-up Contributions) and Rollover Contributions may be made by all Participants.

  • If a Participant’s vested Account balance exceeds $5,000 (disregarding any amounts attributable to Rollover Contributions), no distribution may be made to the Participant before the Participant reaches Normal Retirement Age without the consent of the Participant.

  • There are four types of possible contributions to the Plan: Salary Reduction Contributions, Matching Contributions, Rollover Contributions and Non-Elective Contributions.

More Definitions of Rollover Contributions

Rollover Contributions means rollover contributions made pursuant to Section 3.1(c).
Rollover Contributions means Employee contributions transferred to the Plan, in accordance with Section 4.14, from a trust under another corporate plan, each qualified under Code sections 501(a) and 401(a), respectively.
Rollover Contributions means amounts contributed pursuant to Section 3.08.
Rollover Contributions means amounts contributed pursuant to Section 3.03.
Rollover Contributions means contributions made to the Trust by Participants in accordance with Section 4.03 hereof.
Rollover Contributions means contributions which the Associate or Member, as applicable, elects to make in accordance with Section 11.02.
Rollover Contributions means contributions made by Participants in accordance with Paragraph 5.12.