Definition of Collateral Pool Properties

Collateral Pool Properties means the Partnership Interest Properties listed on Exhibit H-1.

Examples of Collateral Pool Properties in a sentence

This ratio shall be calculated by dividing Adjusted Cash Flow from the Collateral Pool Properties by Implied Debt Service.
The Borrower shall comply, and shall take all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure that the Lessee complies, with all requirements of all franchise agreements affecting the use and operation of the Collateral Pool Properties, and shall promptly notify the Agent within ten (10) days of the Borrower learning of any default or alleged default under any such franchise agreement(s), or of any change therein which could have a Material Adverse Effect.
On the date of this Agreement, the Borrower will have good title, free of all Liens other than Permitted Liens, to all of the Collateral Pool Properties as identified on Exhibits G and H.
The Borrower shall promptly deliver to the Agent a copy of each report pertaining to the Collateral Pool Properties or to the Borrower prepared by or on behalf of the Borrower pursuant to any Environmental Requirement.
Upon any Default or Unmatured Default hereunder, the Agent may order new or updated appraisals on any Collateral Pool Properties selected by the Agent.