Joint Patents definition

Joint Patents means all Patents claiming Joint Inventions.
Joint Patents has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1.
Joint Patents shall have the meaning set forth in Section 10.1.

Examples of Joint Patents in a sentence

  • Licensee will keep Xxxxxxx reasonably informed of the prosecution status of the Joint Patents by [***].

  • The responsibility of preparing and filing, the share of its interest and the share of expense of Foreground Joint Patents shall be decided in the joint patent agreement.

  • Each Party (“First Right Party”) shall have the first right, but not the obligation (subject to Section 8.4(g)(iii)), to file, prosecute and maintain Its Joint Patents in Sutro’s name.

  • Brii Bio shall have the sole right in its sole discretion to prepare, file, register, prosecute and maintain all Transferred IP (including all VBI Patents and Joint Patents) and shall bear all of the costs associated therewith.

  • Notwithstanding Section 5.1 of this Termination Agreement, each Party’s respective rights and obligations with respect to obtaining, prosecuting, maintaining, enforcing and defending the FibroGen Patents and Joint Patents in the Field in South Korea as set forth in Section 9.4, Section 9.5 and Section 9.6 of the Collaboration Agreement shall continue to apply and shall not be terminated hereunder.

More Definitions of Joint Patents

Joint Patents. Except to the extent either Party is restricted by the licenses granted to the other Party under this Agreement, each Party shall be entitled to practice and exploit the Joint Inventions and Joint Patents without the duty of accounting or seeking consent from the other Party.
Joint Patents means Patents that cover Joint IP.
Joint Patents means all Patents claiming any Joint Invention.
Joint Patents shall have the meaning in Section 7.03.
Joint Patents mean all Patent Rights claiming Inventions in Joint Know-How.
Joint Patents means any invention, patent or patent application jointly owned by the Parties pursuant to Section 10.1 (Ownership and Cooperation).
Joint Patents means patents and applications therefor owned jointly by the Parties which cover the manufacture, use or sale of Licensed Products.