Joint Patent Rights definition

Joint Patent Rights means Patent Rights that contain one or more claims that cover Joint Technology.
Joint Patent Rights means all Patent Rights containing one or more claims to a Joint Invention.
Joint Patent Rights means all Patent Rights claiming a Joint Invention.

Examples of Joint Patent Rights in a sentence

Unless the Parties agree in writing on an alternative arrangement, Zymeworks shall be responsible for all of its costs of Patent Prosecution of Joint Patent Rights.

If Zymeworks decides to cease the Patent Prosecution, or to allow to lapse, any Zymeworks Patent Rights in the Territory or any Joint Patent Rights, Zymeworks shall inform BeiGene of such decision promptly and, in any event, so as to provide BeiGene a reasonable amount of time to meet any applicable deadline to establish or preserve such Patent Rights in such country or region.

In the event that any jointly-owned Invention is created hereunder, at either Party’s request, the Parties shall discuss a mutually acceptable filing and prosecution strategy for any Joint Patent Rights; provided that absent such agreement, Zymeworks shall control the Patent Prosecution of any Joint Patent Rights, as set forth in this Section 14.2(c).

Zymeworks shall (A) provide BeiGene with an opportunity to consult with Zymeworks regarding such Joint Patent Rights, and any amendment, submission or response with respect to such Joint Patent Rights and keep BeiGene reasonably informed of the Patent Prosecution of the Joint Patent Rights, (B) provide BeiGene with all material correspondence received from any patent authority in connection therewith in sufficient time to allow for review and comment by BeiGene.

BeiGene shall have the right, but not the obligation, to assume responsibility for continuing the Patent Prosecution of such Patent Rights in Zymeworks’ name (or both Parties’ names, with respect to Joint Patent Rights) […***…], through patent counsel or agents of its choice and, to the extent that BeiGene assumes such 109 Competitive Information – Commercially Sensitive Terms.

More Definitions of Joint Patent Rights

Joint Patent Rights has the meaning set forth in Section 9.1.3.
Joint Patent Rights means Patent Rights assigned to both Medical School and Company.
Joint Patent Rights means all Patent Rights Covering a Joint Invention.
Joint Patent Rights means Patent Rights that cover a Joint Invention.
Joint Patent Rights means all Patent Rights that claim or disclose Joint Know-How.
Joint Patent Rights means (i) all patents and patent applications conceived and reduced to practice jointly by Fuso (and/or its agents) and GenVec (and/or its agents), in connection with this Agreement or the Commercialization Agreement or in connection with the Past Research Program and (ii) any divisions, continuations, continuations-in-part, reissues, reexaminations, extensions or other governmental actions which extend any of the subject matter of the patent applications or patents in (i) above, and any substitutions, confirmations, registrations or revalidations of any of the foregoing. For the avoidance of doubt, the Joint Patent Rights shall not include the Joint Know-How or any Gene Therapy Technology.