Cogent definition

Cogent has the meaning set forth in the Preamble.
Cogent means Cogent Neuroscience, Inc.
Cogent means Cogent Communications, Inc., a Delaware corporation.

Examples of Cogent in a sentence

  • NIC had already integrated few devices (Morpho Top 100, Cogent CS500E and Suprema RSG10) with application software.

  • Consists of legacy services of companies whose assets or businesses were acquired by Cogent, primarily including voice services (only provided in Toronto, Canada).

  • Cogent encourages ALL applicants to register online.b. Applicants are responsible for their own registration.

  • Changes to incorrect registration data MAY be corrected online or by telephone prior to fingerprint submission.Option 3: Out-of-State Applicants/Paper Fingerprint CardsOut-of-State applicants may submit a completed fingerprint card AND a money order or cashier’s check in the amount of $54.90 made out to Cogent Systems.

  • If this does not resolve the problem, the complaining Associate should report the problem to his/her team Gold Director to resolve the issue at a local level.

More Definitions of Cogent

Cogent means Cogent Communications Group, Inc., a Delaware corporation, or any successor thereto.
Cogent means Cogent Valuation, Inc.
Cogent. Cogent Diagnostics Limited, a company incorporated under the Companies Acts with registered number SC122739
Cogent. COGENT COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, INC., a Delaware corporation By: /s/ XXXXX XXXXXXXXX ----------------------------------------- Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Chief Executive Officer
Cogent for this purpose means clear, logical and convincing). Failure by clergy to comply with the duty imposed by the 2016 Measure may result in disciplinary action. All decisions not to paydue regard’ must be recorded and the reasons clearly stated.
Cogent and "Design Power" and all related and associated logos and trademarks and all licenses to or from third parties with respect thereto (2) all of the goodwill of the Business and (3) all of the properties, assets and business of Seller used or held for use in the Business (except as hereinafter provided in Section 1.1(b)) of every kind and description, tangible and intangible, real, personal or mixed, and wherever located, including without limitation, the following: