Vendors definition

Vendors means the proposer(s) responding to this RFP and vendor(s) to whom a contract has been awarded as a result of this RFP by SMSD. A responsible vendor is a vendor who has adequate financial resources (or the ability to obtain such resources), can comply with the delivery requirements, and is a qualified and established firm regularly engaged in the type of business that provides the product(s) /service(s) listed herein.
Vendors means any individual and/or entity that provided goods and services to the Company.
Vendors means one or all of the beneficial owners of the Significant Assets (other than a Target Company).

Examples of Vendors in a sentence

  • Vendors shall respond to such requests within a commercially reasonable time after receipt of the request.

  • The coverages and limits are to be considered minimum requirements and in no way limit the liability of the Vendor(s).

  • Infringement(s) The successful vendor will be expected to indemnify and hold harmless the TIPS and its employees, officers, agents, representatives, contractors, assignees and designees from any and all third party claims and judgments involving infringement of patent, copyright, trade secrets, trade or service marks, and any other intellectual or intangible property rights attributed to or claims based on the Vendor's proposal or Vendor’s performance of contracts awarded and approved.

  • Vendors will submit any monthly reports required pursuant to the rule.

  • If Vendor disagrees, after this solicitation legally closes and TIPS begins evaluating Vendor's file, TIPS will provide Vendor with a draft Word Document version of the Vendor Agreement and will be instructed to include all requested negotiations as redline edits for TIPS consideration.

More Definitions of Vendors

Vendors means the third parties that furnish Syncfusion with portions of the Licensed Program(s). Certain Vendor software is licensed to be used in conjunction with the Licensed Program(s) and not for any other use.
Vendors means the entity that believes itself capable and is in the business of providing a Commodity and / or service similar to those within the solicitation, and may or may not respond to the solicitation.
Vendors means the Vendors and each of them jointly and severally
Vendors means the shareholders of the Company who have executed this Agreement as a Party hereto.
Vendors means subcontractors to the Seller, the EPC Contractor and Operations Contractor, (excluding in the case of the Seller, the EPC Contractor and/or Operations Contractor themselves), and suppliers, on any tier, who supply materials and other supplies or services to the Seller and/or the EPC Contractor and/or Operations Contractor in relation to the Project Activities;
Vendors means any and all vendors who are unaffiliated with the Company who supply raw materials, components, spare parts, supplies, goods, merchandise or services to the Company or any Company Subsidiary.
Vendors means any person or entity that Company has entered into a contractual relationship with to render specific services to Company and where vendor is involved in or is privy to Company’s marketing, promotional and/or education materials, or any of Company’s trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information. Therefore, as a material inducement to the Company to allow Employee to become and/or remain an employee of the Company, Employee agrees that, during the term of Employee’s employment with the Company, and during the two (2) year period commencing on the date of termination of Employee’s employment with the Company, regardless of whether the termination is with or without cause, or whether by the Employee or the Company, Employee will not, directly or indirectly, solicit or induce, or attempt to solicit or induce, any employee, independent contractor or vendor of the Company to leave the Company for any reason whatsoever, or hire any employee, independent contractor or vendor of the Company. The provisions of this Section shall survive the termination of Employee’s employment with the Company, regardless of whether the termination is with or without cause, or whether by the Employee or the Company. Employee acknowledges and agrees that the restrictions and limitations contained in this paragraph are reasonable as to the scope and duration and are necessary to protect the Company’s proprietary interests and to preserve the Company’s competitive advantage. In the event that any of the restrictions and limitations contained anywhere in this paragraph are deemed to exceed the time, scope and/or geographic limitations prescribed by applicable law, then such provisions of this paragraph shall be reformed to the maximum time, scope, and geographic limitations permitted by applicable law.