TA definition

TA means the Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988;
TA means tonnes per year.

Examples of TA in a sentence

  • Quantitative evaluation of APP for the standardization of stress in naturally and artificially EUS infectedChanna gachuaAlok Tripathi* and T.A. Qureshi** *Department of Biotechnology, Saroj Institute of Technology & Management, PO: Aurjunganj, Lucknow 225 008, India;**Department of Applied Aquaculture, Barkatullah University, Bhopal 26, India, E.mail: aquaimmuno@yahoo.co.in In many pathological states, circulating white blood cells may show altera- tions in their morphology, function or concentration.

  • Students who are participating in TA functions are considered in attendance for the entire excused time.

  • The government will provide counterpart funds to finance tax and duties under the delegated TA Output 1, and provide counterpart support in the form of access to data and information, counterpart staffs, stakeholder coordination and other in-kind contributions.

  • Submission of work with which you have received help from someone else (other than the course instructor or TA) is an example of plagiarism, which is considered a major academic offence.

  • Flaxman S, Mishra S, Gandy A, Unwin HJT, Mellan TA, Coupland H, et al.

More Definitions of TA

TA means the person appointed as the Telecommunication Authority under section 5 of the Ordinance.
TA means the Tranche Amount outstanding on such day; and
TA liq” means a promise expressed by the husband after solemnization of marriage in accordance with Hukum Syarak and the provisions of this Act;
TA. Unit" has the meaning set forth in Section 7(b).
TA widh” means an amount of charges agreed upon by the contracting parties as compensation that can rightfully be claimed by the creditor arising from actual loss suffered when the debtor fails or is late in meeting his obligation to pay back the debt. For the purpose of these Best Practices, the term “ta’widh” will be used together with the term “compensation” for ease of reference.