TI definition

TI means transport index (see 1.2.1);
TI means the collector loop inlet temperature measured near the outlet of the solar storage tank, stated in degrees Fahrenheit;

Examples of TI in a sentence

  • The Bidder declares that no previous transgression occurred in the last 3 years with any other Company in any country conforming to the TI approach or with any other Public Sector Enterprise in India that could justify his exclusion from the tender process.

  • Nohr EA, Timpson NJ, Andersen CS, Davey Smith G, Olsen J, Sorensen TI.

  • This figure also depicts the left adjoints of Π∅,I , Θ∅,I , and TI .The main result of Section 8 asserts, in addition to the commutativity of (1.4),that when #I = 1,1 the middle and rightmost parts of Figure 2 form a commutative diagram of adjoint pairs.

  • Known companies in this field are Renesas, NXP, Nvidia and TI (Vision System Intelligence, 2015).Another critical aspect for autonomous solutions is the sensor technology.

  • This means that there is a pair of natural isomorphisms that intertwine the units (or the counits) for the adjoint pairs (Θ∅,I, Θ∅,I ) and(T ∅, TI ).

More Definitions of TI

TI means traffic interchange, which is a junction of roadways arranged to allow for the free flow of traffic uninterrupted by crossing traffic routed over or under the main roadway.
TI means ground loop inlet temperature measured at the inlet to the ground loop, stated in degrees Fahrenheit;
TI means traffic interchange, which is a junction of road- ways arranged to allow for the free flow of traffic uninter-
TI means Towergate Insurance (a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited) whose contact details can be found at the front of this policy booklet under ‘Making a Claim’. 7
TI means Terra International, Inc., a Delaware corporation and a wholly owned Subsidiary of Terra Industries.