Certificate of Coverage definition

Certificate of Coverage means a written certification provided by any source that offers medical care coverage, including the Plan, for the purpose of confirming the duration and type of an individual’s previous coverage.
Certificate of Coverage means the subscription certificate issued to a subscriber by Delta Dental setting forth the terms and conditions of this group dental plan. The group subscriber shall be responsible for distributing copies of the certificate of coverage to subscribers.
Certificate of Coverage means the approval given dischargers that meet the requirements of coverage under a general permit.

Examples of Certificate of Coverage in a sentence

  • The date on which coverage under this policy begins and which is stated in the Certificate of Coverage.

  • The policy, the application, the Certificate of Coverage and any riders or amendments thereto, shall constitute the entire contract between the parties.

  • It is to be attached to and becomes part of the Certificate of Coverage.

  • Upon execution of this Agreement, the PROVIDER will furnish the AGENCY written verification through a Certificate of Coverage supporting both the determination and existence of such insurance coverage.

  • This Certificate of Coverage, including the Schedule of Benefits, and any riders, amendments, or endorsements, which outlines coverage for a Subscriber and Covered Dependents according to the Group Agreement.

More Definitions of Certificate of Coverage

Certificate of Coverage or “COC” means this document, including Attachment A Benefit Schedule and any other Attachments, Endorsements, Riders or Amendments to it, the Insured’s Enrollment Form, health statements, Insured Identification Card, and all other applications received by SHL.
Certificate of Coverage means a statement of the essential features and services of the health maintenance organization coverage which is given to the subscriber by the health maintenance organization, medicare provider organization or by the group contract holder.
Certificate of Coverage means a document issued by the department acknowledging that a particular activity for which a registration was submitted to the department is authorized pursuant to this general permit;
Certificate of Coverage means the applications, representations, warranties, policies, contracts and other instruments entered into by and between (and which collectively set forth the terms of the HCT Plans and the respective obligations of) HCT and each Member.
Certificate of Coverage means the form prescribed by the department to show proof of financial responsibility as required by IC 34-18-3-2(1) to become a qualified provider.
Certificate of Coverage means a document given to an insured that describes the benefits, limitations and exclusions of coverage provided by an insurance company.
Certificate of Coverage means an approval granted to a person who meets