CAB definition

CAB means the CPUC Consumer Affairs Branch.
CAB means the passenger compartment of a common truck or pickup truck. It is a unit of construction that includes the top or roof and the cowl and may or may not include glass, instrumentation, the steering column, and a seat or seats.

Examples of CAB in a sentence

  • Written documentation previously provided to the City Council included information as follows: It is proposed that CAB, the Arts Council, the UCCC Foundation Committee, and the UCCC Advisory Board be eliminated and the Arts Council members would now serve as co-creators with the Division of Arts and Culture.

  • GAC may, at any time, call for a confirmatory assignment of that goodwill and the accredited CAB shall immediately execute it.

  • Any goodwill derived from the use by the accredited CAB of the GAC Accredited CAB Combined ILAC MRA Mark shall accrue to GAC (or such other third party as GAC may direct).

  • Compression file types (i.e., .CAB, .GZ, .TAR, .Z, .ZIP) shall be decompressed in a reiterative manner to ensure that a zip within a zip is decompressed into the lowest possible compression resulting in individual folders and/or files.

  • The accredited CAB shall get approval from GAC when an exception is to be warranted for specific cases.

More Definitions of CAB

CAB means the Community Advisory Board;
CAB shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4(d)(i).
CAB means a motor cab or maxi cab;
CAB means the compartment of a motor vehicle where the driver and passengers sit.
CAB means the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board, a political subdivision and public corporation of the State of Colorado formed pursuant to C.R.S. Section 29-1-203.5 and party to a Current Service Agreement.