Bona Fide Offer definition

Bona Fide Offer means an actual or genuine offer which includes a specific wage or a training opportunity at a specified place when used to determine whether the parent has refused an offer of training or employment.
Bona Fide Offer means an offer in writing.
Bona Fide Offer as used in this Agreement means an offer in writing, signed by an offeror or offerors (who must be a person or persons financially capable of carrying out the terms of such Bona Fide Offer) not affiliated in any manner with, or related to, the Participant, in a form legally enforceable, upon its acceptance, against such nonaffiliated and unrelated offeror or offerors.

Examples of Bona Fide Offer in a sentence

  • Subject to Section 5.03 above, prior to accepting any Bona Fide Offer to purchase the Property, Borrower shall notify County Board of such Bona Fide Offer and deliver a copy thereof (“Notice of Bona Fide Offer”).

  • The County Board may exercise its Phase II Refusal Right by giving a notice of intent to exercise its Phase II Refusal Right (the “Phase II Refusal Right Notice of Intent”) within ninety (90) days after County Board has received the Borrower’s Notice of Bona Fide Offer.

  • The County Board may exercise its Phase I Refusal Right and/or its Phase III Refusal Right by first giving a notice of preliminary intent to exercise its applicable Phase I or Phase III Refusal Right, subject to the fair market value price of the Property, (the “Preliminary RR Notice of Intent”) within ninety (90) days after County Board has received the Borrower’s Notice of Bona Fide Offer.

  • Borrower shall not accept any Bona Fide Offer unless and until the County Board’s applicable Phase I Refusal Right, Phase II Refusal Right or Phase III Refusal Right has expired without exercise by the County Board in accordance with this Section 5.04.

  • The deadline to accept any offer of sale shall be extended to allow the Tenant or Qualified Organization to exercise their Right to an Appraisal pursuant to Section [Right to an Appraisal], if they believe that the offer of sale is not a Bona Fide Offer of Sale.

More Definitions of Bona Fide Offer

Bona Fide Offer has the meaning set forth in Section 2.3(b)(i) hereof.
Bona Fide Offer is one in which the purchaser is irrevocably and contractually bound to purchase the subject securities from the Company, subject to the Buyer’s right of first refusal.
Bona Fide Offer means an offer in writing setting forth all relevant terms and conditions of purchase from an offeror who is ready, willing, and able to consummate the purchase and who is not an Affiliate of the selling Member. For 30 days after the Notice is given, the Company will have the right to purchase the Membership Interest offered, on the terms stated in the Notice, for the lesser of: (a) the price stated in the Notice (or the price plus the dollar value of noncash consideration, as the case may be); and (b) the price determined under the appraisal procedures set forth in Section 8.8. If the Company does not exercise the right to purchase all of the Membership Interest, then, with respect to the portion of the Membership Interest that the Company does not elect to purchase, that right will be given to the other Members for an additional 30-day period, beginning on the day that the Company’s right to purchase expires. Each of the other Members will have the right to purchase, on the same terms, a part of the interest of the offering Member in the proportion that the Member’s Percentage Interest bears to the total Percentage Interests of all of the Members who choose to participate in the purchase; provided, however, that the Company and the participating Members may not, in the aggregate, purchase less than the entire interest to be sold by the offering Member. If the Company and the other Members do not exercise their rights to purchase all of the Membership Interest, the offering Member may, within 90 days from the date the Notice is given and on the terms and conditions stated in the Notice, sell or exchange that Membership Interest to the offeror named in the Notice. Unless the requirements of Section 8.2 are met, the offeror under this Section 8.3 will become an Assignee, and will be entitled to receive only the share of Profits or other compensation and the return of Capital Contribution to which the assigning Member would have been entitled.
Bona Fide Offer means an offer (whether in the form of a purchase of Common Shares, merger, recapitalization, or otherwise) for Common Shares.
Bona Fide Offer means any offer by a Third Party in writing, setting forth a specific purchase price and a closing date of no more than thirty days therefrom, which is fully financed and not subject to any material conditions.
Bona Fide Offer means a written offer by a Qualified Purchaser to buy the entire Membership Interest of a Member accompanied by a cash deposit of a sum not less than five percent (5%) of the total proposed purchase price.
Bona Fide Offer means an offer in writing to a Shareholder, offering to purchase all or any part of the Shares owned by such Shareholder or any interest of the Shareholder therein and setting forth all the relevant terms and conditions of the proposed purchase, from an offeror who is