Marine Vessel definition

Marine Vessel means any ocean tanker, ocean barge, river barge or other vessel.
Marine Vessel means any tanker, freighter, barge, or other watercraft which transports solid or liquid freight, including grain, coal, rock, petroleum liquid, or crude oil in bulk.

Examples of Marine Vessel in a sentence

  • Marine Vessel Fuel Tax ExpendituresEnacted in 1947, the marine vessel fuel tax is levied on the privilege of operating vessels on navigable streams.

  • Documentation for Aircraft, Commercial Marine Vessel, Locomotive, and Other Nonroad Components of the National Emissions Inventory, Volume I Methodology.

  • Laws § 3-6-10) $4000.00Class G – Railroad, Airplane, Marine Vessel – Annual (R.I. Gen.

  • Marine Vessel Visible Emis- sion Standards (effective 06/21/1998) 18 AAC 50.075.

  • The installation of single conductor cables are to be in accordance to 4-8-4/21.7 of Marine Vessel Rules 2021.

More Definitions of Marine Vessel

Marine Vessel means a seagoing craft, ship, or barge;
Marine Vessel or “Vessel” shall mean any marine craft, vessel, or barge, whether or not self-propelled, into which, on which, or from which Product is, or is intended to be, loaded, transported, and/or delivered by a Party under the terms of this Agreement.
Marine Vessel means any ocean tanker, ocean barge, river barge or other vessel. “Marine Terminals and Marine Terminal” have the meanings given to such terms in the BAUTA.
Marine Vessel means any type of ship, barge, tug or other waterborne craft.
Marine Vessel means any ship, boat, watercraft, or other artificial contrivance used as a means of transportation on water.
Marine Vessel means a ship, boat or other craft used in water navigation.
Marine Vessel has the meaning given to it in the Services Agreement.