Marine Vessel definition

Marine Vessel means any ocean tanker, ocean barge, river barge or other vessel.
Marine Vessel means any tanker, freighter, barge, or other watercraft which transports solid or liquid freight, including grain, coal, rock, petroleum liquid, or crude oil in bulk.
Marine Vessel means any component or structure intended for exposure to a marine environment, including an oil drilling platform and a navigational aid.

Examples of Marine Vessel in a sentence

  • Marine vessel has the meaning given in 1 U.S.C. 3, except that it does not in- clude amphibious vehicles.

  • Marine vessel petroleum loading and unloading subject to RACT under OAR 340 division 232.

  • Marine vessel particulars are discussed above in Section 2.2.1, Review of Terms used in Analysis.

  • Currently, the District may consider the following project types for funding:• Marine vessel engine repower or alternative fuel repower• Off-road equipment replacement and/or electrification• Agricultural irrigation pump electrification• Zero-emission school bus replacement• Zero-emission Infrastructure• Zero-emission On-Road Vehicle replacement Zero-emission School Bus ReplacementSchool buses are subject to the Statewide Truck and Bus Regulation.

  • Marine vessel particulars are discussed in section, 2.2.1, above, Review of Terms used in Analysis.

More Definitions of Marine Vessel

Marine Vessel means a tankship or other Vessel which is mainly constructed or adapted for the carriage of crude oil.
Marine Vessel means a seagoing craft, ship, or barge;
Marine Vessel or “Vessel” shall mean any marine craft, vessel, or barge, whether or not self-propelled, into which, on which, or from which Product is, or is intended to be, loaded, transported, and/or delivered by a Party under the terms of this Agreement.
Marine Vessel means any ocean tanker, ocean barge, river barge or other vessel. “Marine Terminals and Marine Terminal” have the meanings given to such terms in the BAUTA.
Marine Vessel has the meaning given to it in the Services Agreement.
Marine Vessel means any waste ship, vessel or other craft, and shall include any partially dismantled ship, vessel, or other craft.
Marine Vessel means any ship, boat, watercraft, or other artificial contrivance used as a means of transportation on water.