Definition of Container

Container means freight container (including, without limitation, any container, flexitank, trailer, transportable tank, flat, pallet or any article used to consolidate goods) which may carry unique identification numbers and markings, as well as any equipment (including devices which permit its ready handling) forming part thereof or connected thereto;
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Container means a liquefied petroleum gas container.
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Container means a container with the following external dimensions:- (i) 5.9m by 2.35m by 2.39m (twenty-footer equivalent unit); or (ii) 12.03m by 2.35m by 2.39m (forty-footer equivalent unit).
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Examples of Container in a sentence

In connection with the Quarterly Report of SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd.
Container Label: Include manufacturer's name, type of paint, brand name, lot number, brand code, coverage, surface preparation, drying time, cleanup requirements, color designation, and instructions for mixing and reducing.
Upon the return of any overpayment as called for herein, Seller or CCC, as the case may be, shall be entitled to all casualty payments and sale proceeds attributable to any casualty loss or sale of a Container reported as part of a shortfall hereunder.
Illinois D & L Disposal, L.L.C.* Delaware Delta Container Corporation California Delta Paper Stock Co. California Denver Regional Landfill, Inc.
Applicable Law: With respect to any Person or Managed Container, all law, treaties, judgment, decrees, injunctions, waits, rules, regulations, orders, directives, concessions, licenses and permits of any Governmental Authority applicable to such Person or its Property or in respect of its operations.

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Container means a Wheeled-cart or a Console.
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