Affiliate Member definition

Affiliate Member means an individual who is an umpire, referee, coach or other official who is associated with the Association but who is not an Individual Member.
Affiliate Member means an Affiliate who or which is a Member;

Examples of Affiliate Member in a sentence

  • No Member State, Associate Member or Affiliate Member shall be liable, by reason of its status or participation in the Organization, for acts, omissions or obligations of the Organization.

  • Each Member State shall pay a contribution and each Associate Member and Affiliate Member shall pay a fee to the Organization on an annual basis in the amount determined in accordance with Article 7.7 (g).

  • The Board may, if it so chooses, establish Membership standards for an Affiliate Member category.

  • Member State contributions and Associate Member and Affiliate Member fees shall be due and payable in accordance with the Financial Regulations.

  • To be eligible to serve on the Board, one must be an owner, principal or senior executive of a Regular Member, or an Affiliate Member.

More Definitions of Affiliate Member

Affiliate Member means a US Club Soccer Member, such as an academy or league, which has qualified for affiliate, non-voting membership status.
Affiliate Member means an affiliate member of the Association, as defined in §2806 (c) of this title.
Affiliate Member means a Club which is admitted as an Affiliate Member under clause 5. “Annual General Meeting” means a meeting of the kind described in clause 18(a). “Appointed Director" means a director appointed under clause 12.
Affiliate Member means an individual who is an Affiliate Member pursuant to Article III A (3).
Affiliate Member means any person, entity, body or association, whether incorporated or not, which the Board decides, in its absolute discretion, is in the best interest of the Company to admit as an affiliate member, subject to and in accordance with the terms of membership for affiliate members as set in these Articles and the Rules;
Affiliate Member means a Club or an RSO which is admitted as an Affiliate Member under clause 5.
Affiliate Member means an organisation, group or individual with common interests with TSNSW.