Alternate member definition

Alternate member means a person who is qualified under Iowa Code section 148.2A to substitute for a board member who is disqualified or becomes unavailable for any other reason for a contested case hearing. An alternate board member is deemed a member of the board only for the hearing panel(s) for which the alternate board member serves.
Alternate member means an alternate member elected under section II, paragraph 3, of the compliance procedures and mechanisms.
Alternate member means alternate member of the Executive Board of the clean development mechanism;

Examples of Alternate member in a sentence

  • Where there is only one eligible Safety candidate for the open position, or where all candidates are from the same service, there cannot be an Alternate member.

  • Resolution appointing Angeline Broomhall to serve as an Alternate member II of the Millville Zoning Board of Adjustment with said term beginning on February 1, 2022 and expiring on February 1, 2024 as she will be moving up from an Alternate III position to an Alternate II position.Motion-Second-Hewitt Sooy Romanik McQuade Orndorf Documents: RES NO.

  • Each permanent member on the Tender’s Board shall have an Alternate member to ensure business continuity in the absence of any of the permanent members.

  • The Alternate member should attend Advisory Committee and Watermaster meetings whenever possible.

  • The Primary member should keep the Alternate member informed of all matters discussed by the Advisory Committee.

More Definitions of Alternate member

Alternate member means a person appointed as provided in Subsection 5.2 to serve as an alternate to a Member of the Stakeholder Committee. Lower case “alternate member” means a person who serves as an alternate to a member of an Issue Team, Subcommittee, or Work Group.
Alternate member means a person appointed by a Party to act in the absence of its Member and has all the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the Member;
Alternate member means a board member appointed by the county legislative authority to serve in the temporary absence of a regular board member.
Alternate member means an alternate member elected under section II, paragraph 5;
Alternate member or "alternate members" means, as the case may be, any of the 24 alternate members of the Board, or more than one of them, or all alternate members;
Alternate member means an alternate member of the Board.
Alternate member. – shall mean a Member of a lower-tier council in the Regional Municipality of Durham, who has been appointed by the lower-tier council to act as a substitute Member on Regional Council when another Member of that lower-tier Council is unable to attend a Regional Council meeting.