Management Director definition

Management Director means a Person selected in accordance with Article IV of this Agreement who shall have the powers and duties to manage the business and affairs of the Company and exercise its powers to the extent set forth in this Agreement, the Certificate and the Act. Each Management Director shall be a “manager” of the Company within the meaning of the Act.
Management Director has the meaning given such term in Section 2.02(a)(x).
Management Director shall have the meaning set forth in Section 2.1(a)(iii).

Examples of Management Director in a sentence

  • Withdrawal requests must be made in writing to the Procurement Management Director, who will approve or disapprove the request.

  • This determination may be made by the Procurement Management Director, after consulting with the County Attorney.

  • The notice must be physically received by the Procurement Management Director within the required time frame described above.

  • The ordinance is posted on the Lee County website or may be obtained by contacting the Procurement Management Director.

  • The Procurement Management Director shall be the sole judge as to whether or not any addition, revision, or deletion changes the intent of the solicitation.

More Definitions of Management Director

Management Director means any Director who is also an executive officer of the Company.
Management Director means the director of designated clusters of state agencies and the director of local budgets, as appointed by the director of the department of management.
Management Director has the meaning ascribed to it in Section 9.1(a).
Management Director has the meaning set forth in Section 4.6(b)(ii).
Management Director means the executive directors (“uitvoerende bestuurders”) from time to time as appointed in accordance with clause 3.2.4;
Management Director means a director who is described in paragraph (b) of Section 4.3 of the 1995 Voting Trust; and
Management Director means a Director who is a Management Director as defined in the Stockholders Agreement.