Assistant Minister definition

Assistant Minister means a person appointed as such under Article 25; “Chief Minister” means the person appointed as such under Article 19;
Assistant Minister means a deacon or presbyter licensed by the Archbishop to the office of assistant minister in a parish and does not include a senior assistant minister;
Assistant Minister means a States member holding an office as an Assistant Minster in accordance with Article 25 of the States of Jersey Law 2005;

Examples of Assistant Minister in a sentence

  • Jale Sigarara, Assistant Minister for Agriculture and Maritime Development Hon.

  • Alvick Avhikrit Maharaj, Assistant Minister for Employment, Productivity, Industrial Relations, Youth and SportsHon.

  • Vijay Nath, Assistant Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Disaster Management and Meteorological ServicesHon.

  • Alexander David O’Connor, Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Hon.

  • Viam Pillay, Assistant Minister for Environment and Rural Development Hon.

  • On 19 July 2016, the Prime Minister appointed the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science as the Assistant Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science.

  • Alipate Tuicolo Nagata, Assistant Minister for Employment, Productivity, Industrial Relations and Youth and SportsHon.

  • Joseph Nitya Nand, Assistant Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon.

  • On what date and in what manner did the Minister, the Assistant Minister and/or the department notify the Minister for Local Government Territories and Roads, his staff or the Department for Local Government, Territories and Roads that the Commonwealth never intended to transfer the land.

  • When we may disclose confidential information We may disclose confidential information: ▪ to the committee and our Commonwealth employees and contractors, to help us manage the program effectively ▪ to the Auditor-General, Ombudsman or Privacy Commissioner ▪ to the responsible Minister or Assistant Minister ▪ to a House or a Committee of the Australian Parliament.

More Definitions of Assistant Minister

Assistant Minister means a person appointed as such under Article 24; “Chief Minister” means the person appointed as such under Article 19; “Council of Ministers” shall be construed in accordance with Article 18(1);
Assistant Minister or “CURATE” shall mean a Member of the Clergy called on the
Assistant Minister means a minister whose have skills and/or experience may be less than those of the Senior Minister. The Assistant Minister reports to the Senior Minister, who determines the scope of the assistant’s responsibilities. The assistant may be placed in a specialized service area of the ministry, i.e., pastoral visitation or administrative support.
Assistant Minister or “CURATE” shall mean a Priest or Deacon called on the nomination of the Rector, to assist the Rector.
Assistant Minister means an Assistant Minister of the State appointed under Article 7A of the Constitution;
Assistant Minister means the Assistant Minister for the time being charged with responsibility for welfare services;

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  • Chief Procurement Officer abbreviated as "CPO" means the chief executive of the City's Department of Procurement Services ("DPS"), and any representative duly authorized in writing to act on the Chief Procurement Officer's behalf.

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  • Vice President when used with respect to the Company or the Trustee, means any vice president, whether or not designated by a number or a word or words added before or after the title “vice president”.

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  • Certified peace officer means a peace officer certified by the

  • Development Officer means the Development Officer appointed by the Council of the Municipality.

  • Secretary-General means the Secretary-General of the Organization.

  • Treasurer means the Treasurer of the Corporation.

  • President means the President of the Corporation.