Annexures definition

Annexures means the annexure(s) to this Agreement.

Examples of Annexures in a sentence

  • And where it is further hereby agreed between the parties of all the parts herein that the Terms and conditions of the Instruction to the Tenderers including the Annexures thereof and the specification of the equipment shall form parts & parcel of these Contract Agreement.

  • Copies of all completed checklists will be attached as Annexures to the Environmental Audit Report as required in terms of the EIA Regulations.

  • The Annexures to this E-Auction Process Information Document shall form an integral part hereof and this E-Auction Process Information Document shall always be read in conjunction with the Annexures appended hereto.

  • All the parts of this tender documents i.e. Tender Notice, General rules and Instructions to tenderers, offer letter, General conditions of contract, Annexures etc.

  • The Bidder must examine all parts of the Bid documentation including all Annexures (“the Bid documentation”).

More Definitions of Annexures

Annexures means the annexures to this Agreement as amended/modified to from time to time, which form an integral part thereof.
Annexures means the annexures to the Constitution, as may be prepared and amended from time to time, including:
Annexures means Annexures A to G which form part of the Process Memorandum.
Annexures means annexures which form part of the E-Auction Process Information Document;
Annexures means any annexures attached to this Agreement as may be amended or supplemented from time to time.
Annexures means the annexures attached to this Agreement;