Alternative Currencies definition

Alternative Currencies means any currency (other than Dollars) approved by the Administrative Agent and the applicable Issuing Bank.
Alternative Currencies means Euro, Sterling and any other currency reasonably acceptable to the Administrative Agent and each applicable Revolving Multicurrency Lender that is freely convertible into Dollars and readily available in the London interbank market.
Alternative Currencies means (a) Euro, (b) Sterling, (c) Yen and (d) each other currency (other than Dollars) approved in accordance with Section 1.08.

Examples of Alternative Currencies in a sentence

  • All computations of interest in respect of Loans denominated in Alternative Currencies as to which market practice differs from the foregoing, in accordance with such market practice.for Alternative Currency Loans shall be made on the basis of a year as set forth on Schedule 2.10 for such Alternative Currency and actual days elapsed.

  • All computations of interest for Base Rate Loans (including Base Rate Loans determined by reference to the BSBY Rate) and for Loans denominated in Alternative Currencies (other than Alternative Currency Loans with respect to EURIBORTerm SOFR) shall be made on the basis of a year of 365 or 366 days, as the case may be, and actual days elapsed, or, in the case.

More Definitions of Alternative Currencies

Alternative Currencies means (a) Euro, (b) Pounds Sterling, (c) Indian Rupees, (d) Japanese Yen, (e) Czech Koruna, (f) Singapore Dollars, and (g) any other foreign currency (that is not Dollars) acceptable to the Administrative Agent and the Issuing Bank; provided that, for each Alternative Currency, such currency is an Eligible Currency.
Alternative Currencies means Agreed Currencies other than Dollars.
Alternative Currencies means, with respect to any Loan,
Alternative Currencies. Euros and Sterling.
Alternative Currencies means, in the case of any (a) Incremental Facility or Refinancing Loans, any currency agreed to by the Administrative Agent, the Borrower and each Lender providing such Incremental Facility or Refinancing Loans; provided that, in each case, each such other currency is a lawful currency that is readily available, freely transferable and not restricted, and able to be converted into Dollars in the London interbank deposit market, or (b) Letter of Credit, any currency that is approved in accordance with Section 1.09.
Alternative Currencies means (a) for the U.S. Tranche, each of Euro, Sterling, Yen, Peso and Canadian Dollars, (b) for the Euro Tranche, each of Dollars, Sterling and Yen, and (c) for each Supplemental Tranche, each alternative currency set forth in the Supplemental Addendum. Prologis may from time to time request that Credit Extensions be made in a currency other than those specifically listed in this definition of “Alternative Currency;” provided that such requested currency is a lawful currency (and in no event the currency of a Sanctioned Country) that is readily available and freely transferable and convertible into Dollars (in the case of the U.S. Tranche) and Euros (in the case of the Euro Tranche). In the case of any such request with respect to the making of any Credit Extensions, such request shall be subject to the approval of Global Administrative Agent, the applicable Funding Agent, the applicable L/C Issuer (but only to the extent Letters of Credit may be issued in such Alternative Currency), the applicable Swing Line Lender (if any) (but only to the extent Swing Line Loans may be made in such Alternative Currency), and the applicable Tranche Required Lenders.
Alternative Currencies has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofMulticurrency Revolving Facility”.